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hi hope someone can relate & diagnose hey guys about 3 months ago I had brief unprotected sex with a csw condom broke ....3 days later I started getting tingling feeling and waves going through my body followed by a feeling of derealization or brain fog I had a std full screen at 6 weeks all negative , I then started to get night sweats and body aches and constant fatigue I got screened again at 12 weeks all negative its now week 14 n still have fatigue headaches nausea tingling feet etc ... and now a ches infection I suspect some unknown virus any you guys got any idea ??/
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Tick bite?
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Not sure havent found any tics I thought it nite be related to the sex thing considering it was 3 days after ???
Was she dirty? Smell your her body not clean? Have you spoken to her again?
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bird mites.morgellons,strongyloides? Google curezone
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hey rileyocool any update on your situation? are you still having symptoms? have you figured anything out yet? im in a similiar situation and am trying to find answers ?
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