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undiagnosed viral infection

Hello.  I have an unidentified viral infection, and I'm hoping that someone here can shed some light on my situation for me.  It all started after receiving oral sex from a female.  The reason that I don't post this in the STD forum is because I've already been tested for all STD's multiple times, and I will explain more below.  I will post all of my symptoms that I've had for the past 16 weeks, week by week.  Btw, I am a 28 year old male.

week 3 (3 weeks after oral sex encounter):  yeast infection (started itching in my anus and around genitals).  Scrotum turned pinkish/red in color.  Went to see a dermatologist, and it was confirmed that it was a fungal infection.  Had a urinary culture done, and everything came back normal except fungal infection.  The yeast infection is still present today, although much better than what it was.

week 6:  started getting mild headaches that would come and go throughout the day, along with a tingling sensation that would run from the top rear of my left leg (hamstring) down to my left foot.  The tingling sensation also comes and goes.  Some days I don't feel it at all.  These symptoms are still present today.  Had a full panel STD test done including HIV, HepB, Clam, Gonn, Syph, HSV, etc...  Everything came back negative.

week 10:  Swollen lymph nodes under arm pits and groin that are sometimes tender.  These are still present today.  Went back to get all STD tests done again.  Doctor says that I have a HepB surface antigen.  Strange thing is, there is no antibodies for it and my liver function tests are completely normal, although my viral load is very high.  He said it may just be a really early infection.  Told me to come back in a month to do another liver function test.

week 14:  Still no antibodies for HepB, and no classic symptoms such as upper abdominal pain and jaundice.  Doctor says the original test may just have picked up HepB when, in fact, it could be something else.  Was worried that I had HIV (despite the low risk) so had HIV test and other STD tests done again.  All negative.  Doctor says if I'm still worried about having HIV, then I need psychiactric help because the tests would've picked it up by now.

So, it is now week 16, and here are the facts:

yeast infection
a headache in the front part of my head that comes and goes
tingling sensation in left leg that comes and goes
swollen lymph nodes under arm pits and in groin area
high viral load at week 10 (not sure what it is now)

Does anyone have any clue what could be causing my symptoms?  Although the HepB is still in the back of my mind, since I haven't produced any antibodies for it and my symptoms are not classic HepB symptoms, I'm more or less ruling out STD.  All I know is that whatever it is, it is resilient; I've had these symptoms for 3 1/2 months now.  If I, in fact, did get this viral infection from the oral sex encounter, what could I have gotten from her saliva (that I haven't already tested for) that could cause these symptoms?

Please help.  This has been going on way too long now, and I really need some answers.

Thank you all and God bless.
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in week 3 when you realized you had fungal infection did you do Complete Blood Count+ESR ? in any case did you do it other times and when? what were the results?

did you also kiss the woman? how well do you know her is she healthy?

I had a problem similar to yours in a way I got yeast infection in the same area and something maybe  viral that affected my central nervous system somehow. my wbc and esr were high, serum proteins are out of range (albumin, beta 2 globuline) and recently I found that Complement C3 is high, doctors have come up with nothing and for now I'll just leave it.

Maybe I can advise you on how to fight the fungi on the scrotum. the Doctor gave me a pharmaceutical product they use for vaginal infections. called Pevaryl that contains econazole nitrate. It does something but not so definitive I found out that alternating with white vinegar is a lot more effective. the results are terrific but it damn hurts sometimes I just have to rush to the tub to rinse it. I also tried bleach and Colgate Plax mouthwash, I don't know why it's the only one really effective of all mouthwashes I tried.

I'm going to see a Urologist now because there's something wrong with the epididymis too

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Thanks for the reply Gio.  I'm not sure about the blood count and esr.

Yes, I kissed the woman as well and, to be honest, I don't know the woman all that well.  I also have no idea how to reach her now.

Thank you for the advice on the yeast infection, but I think I'm going to just leave it.  I feel it's more of a factor of the problem rather than the problem itslef.  When the virus goes, I imagine the yeast infection will also.

Did you have a viral load test done?  Did you have swollen glands like me?  Anyways, I'm just hoping and praying that this passes soon.  Please keep me up-to-date with anything you find out with your situation.

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no I didn't have swollen glands!

I was tested last year for the most common viral infections all was negative.

not sure what our Hep.B test results mean.

I suggest to you to take care of the yeast infections independently from the rest because it is only indirectly correlated with the virus it won't go away even when you sort the other problem.
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If you're able to collect and check all your blood tests for values out of range post them here
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Thanks.  I will see what I can do as far as the blood tests go.  What do you mean when you say you were tested for 'the most common viruses'?  What were they?

Any idea, according to my symptoms, what could be going on?  Any suggestions on what to be tested for?
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I mean infectious diseases that can be tested and are tested by routine HIV, Hep. , etc probably the same tests they ran on you.

I have no idea what your problem could be but I read of many people who are having mixed symptoms infectious/neurological.

basically when that happens there can be two causes, that I know of

1 direct infections of the central nervous system. viral, bacterial, mold.
2 auto-immune "reactions" to an infection or vaccine for seasonal flu.

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Thanks Gio.  I think I'm going to see a physician next week to see what he thinks (so far, I've only seen urologists).  Can you think of anything I should ask him or discuss with him besides my symptoms?  For example, what blood tests would you recommend?  Sorry, I don't know the names of these tests or what their numbers mean, so if you could tell me, I'd appreciate it.

Also, do you think I should ask him about ebv, cmv, and other related viruses?
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there isn't anything in particular that you should ask him.

bring him all the tests you got and explain him how you feel.

whatever you come up with looking up things on the internet make sure that the symptoms described, the progression of the disease, really matches yours otherwise just leave it.

the most common blood tests are Complete Blood Count. ESR can give indication of infections but normally it is found to be elevated  only around the time of contagion. same for wbc. but you need to check all that.

other common tests are liver enzymes, liver function.

if he doesn't have those tests available and doesn't prescribe them to you I would find it pretty strange.

a Specialist in Infectious Diseases could give you better answers maybe.

infections aren't always easy to diagnose.
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Ok.  Wow, I don't even know what all of those tests mean!?  Anyways, I guess I'll just go and see what he has to say.

Yea, the whole googling thing only increases anxiety, I've learned.  The thing is, I haven't found anyone with the exact same symptoms as me, only similar.  When I google some of my symptoms, I get a lot of hiv links (hence the reason I was so paranoid about it).  But after discussing hiv with some other online experts, I've found that my 'hiv-like' symptoms wouldn't even occur for many years if it was, in fact, hiv (yeast infection and tingling feeling).  Besides, I tested negative.

This may be a dumb question, but do you think that since my viral load is so high that maybe that's the reason my body is taking so long to fight whatever this is.  Like, for example, if someone else had this same virus but their viral load was extremely low, that they would get over it faster....or maybe not even experience symptoms at all??  I'm just brainstorming here....  
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You don't have the means for now to manage your symptoms there is still a lot you need to learn even just to get a generic idea of how Medicine works.

It isn't necessarily true that googling stuff increases anxiety. as a matter of fact people start looking up things on the internet because they are already worried about their problem.

Hiv or better say AIDS can give any possible symptom out there, try to google anything from fever to biscuits the words AIDS will always pop up.

if you want to get things under control you need to be methodical do not be instinctive like you see two of the symptoms are matching and ignoring all the rest.

I don't know exactly what they meant with "viral load" in your case it must be referred to Hep.B surface antigen!

You understand there is no way to test someone for "viral load" in general, for any possible type of virus! the test must be specific.

there are other indirect signs of infections like WBC and ESR etc.

"Viral load is a measure of the severity of a viral infection, and can be calculated by estimating the amount of virus in an involved body fluid. For example, it can be given in RNA copies per milliliter of blood plasma. Tracking viral load is used to monitor therapy during chronic viral infections, and in immunocompromised patients such as those recovering from bone marrow or solid organ transplantation. Currently, routine testing is available for HIV-1, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis B virus, and hepatitis C virus."

Just relax for now do everything you can but with calm, it isn't a medical emergency and unfortunately it isn't easy to diagnose. Medicine isn't that much advanced. Consider that only up until 100 years ago we were still moving around riding horses.

Good luck with the Docs! let me know what they said.
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Ok, thanks Gio.  I will let you know what the docs say after my appointment on Monday.  Any news on what's causing your symptoms yet?

One more question:  you said that viral load has to be specific to a certain virus.  Well, they picked up a hep b surface antigen, like I said, however there are still no antibodies and liver function tests are still normal.  Sooo...let's say for argument sake that this is NOT hep b and, rather, something else.  How could they detect a viral load on something that I am not infected with (again, considering I don't have hep b)?
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you're trying to make specific considerations on something you don't know enough, just stick to what you know!

it might be  a false positive, an error, something you had also before the symptoms, anything as far as you know
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I have the same almost exact symptoms you mentioned in this post. Did you ever get any answers???? Please let me know! All the tests I've had so far only come back for mono? Which just doesn't seem right to me
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Yes, I have some of the similar symptoms, I usually have a strange indescribable feeling in the head usually after lunch..Like something is eating it from inside but no pain..its horrible, I get sores at the back of my mouth very frequently. This is going on since I came back from Thailand. The sores are not painful and they are not forming any blisters. I had one outbreak of rash initially on the back of my neck but nothing after that. Its been more than 2 months. Initially, I would get slight fever everyday very mild in the evenings for 1 month. The only way I have been able to control this is by having more and more of Vit C daily, multivitamins, neem tablets. The tests I had done all came out Negative Hep, HIV, Typhoid, CBC was normal but I felt my ESR was a little on the higher side but still within range. Doctor wasn't sure about what it is. Don't know what to do here!?
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I have very similar symptoms to this poster, and I've had this for almost 3 years now. Doctors really have no clue, if anyone has found a solution to this problem place message me!
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