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vaginal itching

I have itching on the outside of my vagina and immediate entrance I would say. now my vagina is starting to swell. please someone answer and help
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There are many causes of itching on the external surface of vagina.Allergies to soaps, perfumes, deodarants, detergents are common causes. Other conditions like vaginitis,yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis,thrush, threadworms, scabies, and some sexually transmitted infections can also have itching in the vulva.Skin conditions like eczema,psoriasis,lichen simplex, lichen planus can cause generalized itching as well as itching in vulva.A medical history and clinical examination can help in determining the cause of your symptoms. If vaginal infection is suspected vaginal swabs will be taken. Avoid soaps, detergents and creams in that area. Avoid itch scratch itch cycle as it can aggravate your problem. Once the cause is determined treatment can be given accordingly. I hope it helps.
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