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what causes this

any idea what would cause esinophilic folliculitis?
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Hi, for the first batch of results and first questions:
This rules out a lot regarding autoimmune diseases. Also, the hepatitis, HIV, Syphilis, Babesia questions all negative. Inflammation looks good  (normal CRP and sed rate) and normal immune system regarding the CD4 count. The creatinine kinase is only slightly above the normal range. It can go up that small amount with exercise and so forth. Have you had any chest pain?

So as for the nasal colonization with Staph yes you can get that with staph folliculitis. It can give you sinusitis. So a nasal/sinus culture would be good along with a culture of any of the sores you have on the body if any are left.

I don't think the rash is /was causing the EBV neuropathy. If you had it due to EBV it wouldn't be due to the folliculitis triggering it.

I don't understand your theory regarding the immune system?

You are done with Syphilis and HSV if it was 3 months or more. I can't remember now.

I don't think CMV is doing anything. Nor really EBV. I know it gets in the nerves. But what do you think it is doing specifically? It is not causing the folliculitis. That is a different issue.

Have you seen a hematologist?

haven't you already done molecular testing for GC and CT? If so no you don't need it again.

No UTI with any of this won't do this.

Happy New year to you too.

take care,
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well you hear stories of certain people controlling hiv through diet and exercise  one in particular is lynn lingenfelter . he is an amazing human being has never been on retrovirals and has controlled hiv through proper diet exercise and natural remedies . hes been going strong for at least 30 years now hes been undetectable . hes managed to have 2 children with his hiv negative wife and his children were born hiv negative  .also in his story he had to battle pml and they said usually on retrovirals the outlook is grim and because he was not on art's it saved his life for he most likeley wouldnt have survived it.he had a stroke and he has fought back rehabilitated himself and regained fairly normal speech and still remains very active .amazingly inspiring story.

as far as epstein barr what im insinuating there is that epstein barr is a member of the herpes family. could it  encephalitic epstein barr my titer was high and is basically the only positive i have so far  .if i had nerve damage due to this could it cause the muscle wasting and muscle twiching  .could it eplain my vision loss and my hearing loss .back to staph can it infect the sinuses as well causing sinusitis?sorry i know i dont make it easy but hard for me to concentrate with the pain.

also i was kind of vague but say mycoplasma was causing prostatitis ,and urethritis.so say i had contracted multiple infections could this have taxed my immune system to the point that it allowed my ebv to become more active causing encephalitis.

this whole thing has been very difficult i have been at the doctors almost twice a week for eight months.tommorrow i finally get to see a nuerologist .i will schedule an appointment for a hematologist this week if you think that will help.

is that the standard test urine test for gono and chlamydia molecular testing.i read things and have trouble keeping it sorted out in my mind.i was also wondering if adenoviruses could play a part in this.should i stop suggesting ideas to my drs and leave it up to them i fear i wont be able to hear or see if this persists another 8 months.walking short distances can cause muscle pain. when i sit down later to relax i feel it.

syphillis has been out to 8 months.so done .hsv havent chased that very hard i dont actually know if we tested more than once for it.i have to go to the dermatologist a third time to find out what type of folliculitis they biopsied thank you i am listening to your suggestions that is why i pushed for a neurologist at one point you had suggested it .but it took a month and a half.ok have to try to get my 4 hrs of sleep only 2 last night thank you mkh9 heaven holds a special place for people wh odo so much good for others .bless you.

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Thanks. I'm glad if I help you.
1. Staph aureus can cause folliculitis and can cause nasal infections and sinusitis. You can get a nasal culture for this or they may just treat you. But it is best to get a culture to see if it is a staph because it can be caused by other bacteria like pseudomonas and fungi. Also, allergies can cause it. But you can try steaming (breathing in steam) through the nose to loosen up the sinuses and see if that starts to help.  Also, nasal saline you can buy at the drug store can help. Have you had it a long time?

2. I know Epstein Barr get into the nerves. But I don't think it causes this kind of muscle wasting. The encephalitis you are talking about with EBV usually comes on within 2-3 weeks after getting it not usually years later. You would usually have a high fever.

3. You may want to get an MRI to rule out MS and some other neurological problems. The neurologist can give you a good exam to see if there is anything neurological going on. If not then I would see the hematologist. Tell him you were diagnosed with the eosinophilic folliculitis and the low neutrophils. Give them a list of your symptoms and let them go from there. Same with the neurologist. Instead of asking  a lot  of questions give them your symptoms and lab results and let them come up with anything. The doctors won't give you time to answer a bunch of "what if" questions. Lets see if giving them a copy of the lab results plus symptoms points them in a direction. Let them do other tests if needed. If the have nothing to say then you can ask specific questions. Be as clear as possible. Don't ask stuff you already got answers to regarding STD's these are already answered. The reason I say this is you have limited time with them and I think you got good advice so far. If they have your results it will be more interesting to see what they come up with.

4. Mycoplasma genitalium and Ureaplasma urealyticum can cause urethritis  but not it won't lower your immune system enough to allow you to get encephlitis. If you got encephalitis it would be due to your white cells being low not this. But again you would have a very high fever and flu like symptoms. The fever is one key symptom.

5. You also haven't been tested for Lymes disease and its co-infections right? Chronic lyme can cause a lot of your symptoms if left untreated for a long period of time.

6.Yes urine is the standard sample for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. So that is fine.

7. Adenovirus is a mild infection and wouldn't cause these symptoms.

Hope this answers your questions. Remember, one day at a time.

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i went to the neurologist he is checking tsh weve checked that many times also hes checking magnesium and two other things cant remember what though.he sent me for a neck xray looking for pinched nerve in neck . he is going to send for my labs to check them over .  

im equating the pain i get behind my eyes and in my forehead it also involves my neck .i dont know if im wrong in associting it to that but it only seems to happen when i exert myself physically.used t shovel the equvalent
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That is interesting if it was a pinched nerve doing all that. You never know.
Magnesium can throw you off too. When my TSH was off I was exhausted. So worth a try I guess. They like to rule things out too.
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sorry about my last reply i get so exhausted at times i cant remember if i finfished typing or not.last winter i was able to shovel the equivalent of 20 driveways in 5 hrs this winter i shovel a 25 ft sidewalk and whnen i get home my head hurts so bad i want to cry.i wish they would listen to my symptoms  instead  of waiting for them to go away .typing is becoming much harder now due to the fact i cant see very well any more .i have to correct alot of typo's.

   they've tested my tsh that was actually perfect.i have been researching encephalitis it seem's to me to explain what i am feeling .i kept complaining to my dr's about the top half of my head feeling swollen .if it was the staff from my folliculitis getting into the sinuses could this make sense ?and you asked me how long i had it its been 8 months now.i almost lost my ability to read in my right eye without magnification.

      this could also explain my sons symptoms wich his doctors are blowing off .staph in the nose. he also has itching ,trouble thinking and forming sentences he had a mysterious devlopment of allergies sneezing ,and stufffy nose for six months wich went away as mysteriously as it came.hes got a rash on his face and really dry skin.he had 3 strep tests first 2 were negative 3rd one was positive. dr gave him amoxicilin and his throat still looks the same .

  i try to tell the doctorsall my symptoms and they just come into the picture and they all start the anxiety crap. once we start getting into it they change there minds.why are drs so afraid of hiv and stds that will almost immediately diagnose them as anxiety instead of investigating to see if there is actually some merit to what there patients are saying.maybe they are the ones who need to talk about there anxiety . we the patients need to be diagnosed .we dont need to wait it out until severe symptoms arise making it easier for them to diagnose.

   ok that being said l have clear tiny blisters on my lips inside the mouth and bumps on the back of my throat .i was wondering if this could possibly represent herpes . could herpes out break cause my confusion malaise and wasting  and twitching due to nerve damage .
  maybe its time to gravitate away from hiv and check other possibilities .is it easier to detect herpes through a swab or blood test . im just feeling my nose and my throat should be swabbed and checked for gono, herpes  ,staph and whatever else could have landed in my throat from deep kissing.
      is strep that causes folliculitis the same strep that causes  strep throat?wow i am falling asleep from typing this i will try more later thanks as always .
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