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Hello is everyone Ok

Looks like everyone has gone back into hibernation.If you are doing well that is great ! if not talk about it.
I am having trouble sleeping cannot go for more than two hours without waking up.This has been going on for about 4years why are we creatures of habit,any ideas on how to break this one.???

Always wondered why we retain the bad habits but never the good.
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I've been fighting allergies or a cold.  But I say try some tylenol pm 2 sleep.  I'm doing good other than my allergies or cold or mixture of both...lol.  My son is sick as well.  We are a house full of illnesses.  Emotionally I'm good. Physically ehhh!!
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Things are going pretty well at our ranch! We've reached a spot where we can talk openly about the subject without it going into a brawl.  Dee Dee has slowed down on the detail questions about the affair.  The fact of that is, they only make her mad... knowing the details doesnt help.... and we cant move on while dwelling in the past.  This is stuff that our therapists said would come.

The fact is, it still isnt easy.  I am still committed to my wife and making this work.  We work on it together!

Seeanna, I'm not too for sure about the sleep thing.  Going from winter to spring time, I end up quite the insomniac.  Its been that way for years.  I'll gt an hour or 2...wake up for an hour or 2...then fall back to sleep for a nap right before the damn alarm clock goes off!!!  Over the counter sleep aides make me feel hung over in the morning.  I even tried a melatonin supplement from a health food store that a friend swore by.  It doesnt do a thing for me, but helps him immensely.

Mami, sorry to hear about the allergies.  I am normally dealing with hay fever right about now.  Hmmm, maybe I am not dealing with it because of my physical health being improved from the last few years???  I dont know.  Glad to hear that emotionally your wound up tight.  Nice to have, isnt it?
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Yes, I would much rather deal with being sick & allergies than having my emotions all over the place.  
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I am not doing to well. I am in the same boat as Mami, these allergies are kicking my butt. But I too would rather deal with that then to deal with the emotions I am feeling, I realize it is me, nothing Joe can do I guess will change that because he is really trying, I am just so mad, Actually I feel like I am loosing my mind, On one hand I can not imagine my life without him and if he left I don't know what I would do but on the other hand I think I need to get away for a bit, To get my thoughts together but I really do not have that opportunity with my kids and work and all, and I feel if I was gone I would be worried about him and the kids the whole time. I feel like I am in a prison of my own emotions, I want to love him, I want to trust him again, I want to be like ok, so we had a little set back but we can work through this but I just can not believe he would be so insensitive. I do not bring it up to him, I learned the first time It does not accomplish much, But I know he can sense when we are together that I am holding back and I really do not want to, I want to be free from all this, Why can't I just move on, I look for every reason to be mad at him to justify my feelings, to blame him for how I feel, We still have 2 weeks before we see the counselor, way to long for me. UGH I HATE THIS SOMEONE PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY!  I feel so helpless and needy and that is not me, I want the old me back,
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you will get back to the old you one day,it just takes time and dont ever be rushed into dealing with your feelings and emotions,time will tell if you can trust and put those barriers down again.I know he is being understanding but he was the one who done this to your marriage so let him be the strong one to fix it,but believe me you will be your old self soon i am.
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The thing is I found out a year ago in August that he carried on a 3 month emotional affair with a co worker and it almost destroyed us, But we made it through, things were great even better then before, it was not easy but I forgave him and we decided to move on and then 3 weeks ago I found out that he befriended one of his female clients, yes it was just friends and yes she was giving him advice on our relationship but he hid it from me and she from her fiance, b/c they knew neither one of us would like it. But the phone calls and text were becoming more frequent with my husband doing the contacting, At first he denied any emotional attachment but now is saying he does not know why he gets caught up in getting attention from other women. It was never a problem until the past two years.  To him it is no big deal, I mean I big deal because he hurt me, but says there was not connection there like the last time, my feeling is there was no connection but what if I did not find out, could there have been, I guess once we get going to therapy together I will know. I am just sick of feeling like this,
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No hibernation - just away for the WeekEnd

Sometimes not sleeping or staying asleep can be a signal of depression - even when We don't realize We are depressed.  Trauma can cause Chemical Imbalances in the brain that can interfere with sleep & can often be helped with something mild - have You been checked for that?  You've had some Major Challenges that could interfere with sleep.
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Here I go again not following form.....

Well Deserved Anger Can Be Healthy AND Liberating!!

Why is being Angry viewed as  "not moving on"  ??!!

We're SUPPOSED to get mad when someone does something to upset Us.

Especially if they know full well that it IS going to upset us !! and they do it anyway  !!
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Major challenge Hmmmm what about 11yrs of them.I refuse to let it beat me but i know i am not right mentally what really bugs me is I cannot stop it.
                                                                       Maybe when this farm is sold i will be able to move on ....until then the ghosts of my beloved  gentle old broodmares will keep whinnying to me from the paddocks,they are all alive and well just not with me anymore.

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We have to move on what is the point of not doing that.Why do our minds control US when WE are supposed to control our minds.

Even  300mg of effexor a day cannot stop that.Am I going to have to put up with this insidious thing in my brain through no fault of my own ????.

My ex had an affair yrs ago and I moved on from that I was so upset that he told me hardly anything about it except that she was not as attractive or anyway good as me.
It killed me at the time but at least I had nothing to latch onto no thoughts of him with her.

I now am glad he did that as I moved on with no after thoughts.Just his mid life crisis.
But guess what! he never ever even said he was sorry I stayed because I had nowhere to go.

Sorry guys I am at my lowest ebb now ! in a couple of hours i will be bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Being on ones own with my 3 dogs (thank god for them) makes me think too much.
That will stop as on Saturday my partner Ron of 6 months will move in with me he has taken the rest of his long service leave ,and then will get a job in Benalla with me.

Maths teachers are as scarce as hens teeth so no worries getting a job here.He was here before for 9 weeks and it was great so he will be a great help.

Why has not someone invented something that removes those awful memories from our brains I am aware that I MUST move on as i could lose Ron .....events from the past can shape our future through no fault of our own.

I will Not let this affect my future if I do whats the Bloody point as there is no one left to be angry at except myself ..

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I'm doing OK.  This thread has prompted me to do a long-overdue update on my journal, so if you are really interested in the slow progress of the termination of my marriage, it's all there.

The shorter story is that I've found a house to move out to, and I'll be getting the keys in about 3 weeks.  Probably another couple of weeks before I move in, as there's serious work needs doing.  I'm looking forward to it, the house needs a lot of work and it should be a fun project doing it up.

We told the kids a few weeks ago, and they took it remarkably well.  My worst fears about their lives being totally screwed up by this look like being way over-pessimistic - although I haven't moved out yet so they haven't really experienced the reality of the break-up.

I'm doing OK, and the bouts of anger, upset, frustration are becoming rarer, shorter, and less intense.  I've got positive stuff to look forwards to.  This is going to work out alright.
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Hi Sammy looks like you are doing it really tough.The sooner you move out the better, what does your wife do in her spare time pull wings off butterflies.

If she gets this guy to move in with her the honeymoon might start to come to an end.
but if it does Dont be waiting around as you have set the standerd ! she can have affairs and You will be waiting.

Get out there and find a lady that will appreciate you there are so many good online dating sites that are free and it will give you a chance to get your confidence back.
In fact you might even find a lady handy with the hammer lol.

I would like to see your wifes face when you do get someone as she will have lost her safety net.

This is what I hate ......some partners have no guilt what so ever.She saw the hell you were going through  and did not give a damn.

You are a very lucky guy to be rid of her....keep that thought and move on.And remember life begins at 40.                                          

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Thanks guys,
Much better today and Tinkkerbell, you are right, I have every right to be mad. I finally calmly spoke to my husband last night and he said to me the same thing. You have every right to be mad. He said he was stupid and will do what ever it takes. I told him that I love him but I do not have that In love feeling anymore, the feeling of joy when he walks in the door,now it is more dread b/c I am afraid of fighting. He said he understands and it will return. He is being very supportive this time.
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Hi, thanks for your comments.

Really, my ex isn't all that bad!  If she was, I wouldn't have spent three years trying to save our relationship.  I guess she comes out bad because all I ever talk about here is the infidelity and the marriage breakdown, plus I mostly only post when I'm particularly upset or troubled, so all you lot ever hear is the bad stuff.

To be honest, I have trouble reconciling some of the things she's done over the last 3 years or so, they don't really fit with the person I otherwise know her to be.  I guess she has her reasons.  She's no devil.

It would be easy to paint her out to be so evil, but really it wouldn't help my mental balance to be focussed on hating her, it would make it SO much harder to deal with her as I will have to do for the next 15 years or so as our children grow up, and it just doesn't fit with the reality.
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Ok I understand and I really respect you for saying that.Buy please hon try to move on with your life ....this house is a wonderful challenge for you and you will have a lot of fun and frustration doing it up.

The main thing is you let her go.... it will be hard as you are still in love with her and that little bit of anger helps with the transformation thats all.

You have learnt a lot which will hold you in good stead for your next relationship,and there Will be a next time just keep your mind open.

Its all well and good that you stay friends because of the children ! but there is that fine line and you cannot be too close as there is another man in her life now and she has chosen him.

Accept that and move on to the next phase of your life.... if you can do that you will be so much more content and filled with anticipation for the future.
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My therapist and our couples therapist has said something that might be of some help to some of you. "We cannot control the past....we cannot control the future....but we can have control over what happens now".  I thought we could control the future, but she told me that there is too many outsides influences to really be able to control the future....  I guess I get that.

I hope everyones thoughts are up!
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Brice, you are so right. I would always say I could not control the past but I definitely tried to control the future, I learn now you can not control anyone but yourself, not your spouse, your children or anyone else. I also know as much as I want to fix Joe, I am not capable of it. I wish I were seeing I feel he is the source of our issue and he tends to agree but I do have control issues. I never realized it. I am not an aggressive controller but passive. I have had my up and down days with this. I realize now that is what led me to my eating disorder for so many years.  I have decided to take one action a day or one thought a day and put that into practice in our relationship. Yesterday was no negative words, harder then I imagined. Seeing Joe did something that really upset me ( not about our relationship but life in general) I just bit my tongue and walked away. I seriously felt much better about myself and within 1/2 hour I was over it.  Today beside no negative words I had to add an act of kindness. This is a bit harder seeing I am almost always going above and beyond by having his coffee made, lunch, dinner etc, so I am still thinking about what I can do there, Maybe take his car down and vacuum it out. This is more for me, you can not stay mad at someone when you are ministering to their needs I figure.
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OMGolly !!  You are TOO Good !!


Is he putting as much into this as You are?
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All right!!  Dee Dee learned something yesterday that makes a lot of sense.  It'd probably be better coming from her, but I get how it works.  Anyhow, these bad thoughts that come in waves.....what you do is picture them in your mind as something small, that you can fit in the palm of your hand or underfoot.  When you have them that size....SQUASH 'EM!

It's all about controlling your thoughts and not letting your thoughts control you.  And its tuff, no doubt!!!!  Keeping things in perspective.....the past has happened.  How you deal with it is a determining factor of the rest of your life.  What I was told today by my therapist is....you did this to Dee Dee.  She has every right to be mad and or angry.  You betrayed everything.....she is entitled to be mad.  What she needs to work on is not being nasty and mean.  Although there is a part of you (me) that expects this, it is actually counter productive when trying to repair or save a marriage.  Marriages are broken all of the time by infidelity, and marriages are broken all the time by spouses being mean, controlling, or selfish.  By being mean ans nasty, one can chase the other away.  She went on to mention that it is a primal protective instinct to lash out.....verbally or physically.  But there has to be a time when that stops if the marriage is going to heal.  

With that being said, Dee Dee is a saint for accepting me back into her life. I know I am a lucky man!  A choice has been made to attempt to save our marriage, and both of us want that more than anything.  We are both working our tails off, and it will pay off in the end.
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There is a bit more to the middle paragraph from my above posting.  The addition is..... the idea of this affair is never going to go away.  It changed everyone involved and it changed the dynamics of the relationship.  What can happen is, it can be dealt with in a fashion that allows normal daily function.  It can be dealt with in a fashion that does allow happiness, a feeling of being content, a feeling of being satisfied within a healthy relationship.  But it does make one more vigilant...more self supporting...less vulnerable, and none of that is a bad thing!  

To continue all of the self depreciating is also affecting ones self worth.  The self worth can come back and can be rebuilt through affirmation.  By stopping the self depreciation, and self destruction....one can replace those thoughts with healthier ones.  This is 100% doable.  With affirmation, acts of kindness running both ways, kind words the self worth becomes apparent.  Thats when healthy healing happens.  Simply addressing something, then compartmentalizing it is counter productive.  Ask to talk about the affair.  Pick a time.  Pick a spot.  Make ground rules.  Follow all of the rules, especially the rules that you made.  When one wants to back out of the conversation, finish your point....then back out and give it a rest.  Everyone retreats to their safe spot.

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Thanks for the advice Brice, sounds like something I need to do. I did this last year but it is funny how we tend to get all caught up and can not see the grass through the trees. and  Tinkkerbell, yes, he is being good to me. He has been for the last 20 months that is why this last little slip up confused me so much.  But I more then just helping out around the house or with the kids, he is giving me the space I need and to me that is very important.
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Brice it sounds like you both got yourselves a very good therapist.  I was doing the very same thing as Dee Dee and our therapist had said the same thing.  It's very easy to not like someone who is being nasty to you and that's what I was trying to do, push Richie away so that he wouldn't get too close.  Because if he gets too close than I could inevitably be hurt again.  So in order to avoid that I keep him at a distance.  It was my protective guard, my wall.  But it was exactly what you said, counter productive.  At some point the guard comes down little by little as long as you continue to do what you need to do to make Dee Dee feel comfortable again.  

Love, girl, you got it.  You are doing what you need to do for you now.  I'm telling you, you will change but be a better you.  Because we tend to lose ourselves in our relationships.  Once we focus a bit on ourselves we can be better to them.  I'm home today so if you want to call me, let me know.  I'm taking Jay to the park in a few but I should be back around 1 pm.
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Hey girl!  I just had a thought.  Have you read the book, "The Five Love Languages"?  In no way do I want to say here that anything is your fault, but maybe you are not speaking Joe's "Love Language" and he's getting that from these female "friends."  Brice and I both found the book to be a quick, easy read - and maybe if you guys read it, you'd be able to figure out what's behind Joe's need for whatever it is he's getting by talking to other women.  Just a thought.  

I'm doing ok.  Still struggling.  I still can't read posts about brand new affairs, too fresh and I'm still feeling a little "raw" under my skin.  

Brice is being really amazing, and part of me thinks that's why I'm not fully letting go - I'm enjoying his support too much ;)  But at some point I will have to quit being weepy/angry.  I had to leave work early one day this week, 'cuz I just couldn't pull it together.

You have all been so much help to me - I aspire to someday be able to read those new posts and give some wise and insightful advice of my own!  Wish me luck!  
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Have it, read it, and recommended it!  But you are right. His is words of encouragement  I was encouraging I thought but apparently he needs much more. But we are well. Kate was rushed to hospital by ambulance from school today her sugar was 47. She was admitted, I am with her, Joe took off early and came to visit with us and now is home with boys. We are scared to death but know she is going to be ok. Has test for pancreas again tomorrow. THis is usually when things fall apart for us, so I am very nervous. So want to check cell record to see if he is running for comfort but will not do it.
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