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What has nature intended for us humans.In the animal kingdom some creatures are monogamous and bond till life where as others hit and run....Why.?????

Are we supposed be one or the other ? if we hit and run then.... are  we going against nature??? if we bond for life is this  what we were created for..???

The lines are blurred.... it would be so much easier if we were all the same.

The trouble is us humans are so contrary I think mother nature threw her hands up in despair  many moons ago and washed her hands of us.

Is this intelligence or downright ignorance on our part.... all living beings have a reason for being here.

I think humans are the cruelest animals on this earth how we treat each and other animals in a lot of cases does not bear thinking about.

If you were an Alien  sent here to report back what we were like and if we were worth contacting what would you think and say.

A few of my friends Hmmmm have stated that I care more about my dogs than a lot of other  people.

TOO  B.L.O.O.D.Y RIGHT  I  DO  because they are kind , gentle, loyal ,loving and would give their lives for me without a second thought.So why are they  like this and   so many humans are not??

The hurt we cause each other  WHY........
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I agree, I feel like animals deserve our kindness more than some humans do.  I don't know how to even answer this.  I think people's morals depend on many things.  It's like saying do you believe in nature vs. nurture?  Do our kids learn to be moral human beings from us, what if we show them the right way and they still do horrible things?  We are human so we do make mistakes and can learn from them, but some are very selfish creatures.  I can't even tell you what I think because honestly, I don't know.
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Too deep for me.  I thought about it for a few minutes and confused myself more than I usually am.

Partly I blame the lack of instinct.  Our ability to rationalize has removed part of instinct.  Thousands of years ago, we were far more reliant on instinct than we are these days.  Where moral obligation came on board is anyones guess, but it obviously plays a part.

I dont know...then I started thinking about how much we rely on some of the more primitive parts of the brain.  Through in logic and the illogical, and you end up with a soup that I can't digest.

For me, its just far easier to say that I messed up in the worst way.  I went against my morals and all I believed in and I wont excuse myself.  I thought I was having a moment of clarity but am confused again....cripes!
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I suppose I am saying that in this world that it  now controlled by the media all we get is bad news and  every soapie is full of infidelity, divorce, and unhappiness this is the diet we are all brought up on.

The media dictates  what we have to do with our lives they decide what political party gets, we are told who to like, hate and ignore I believe about 95% of the population do as they are told..... I call them the herd....... In Aus when lady Di's funeral was on all our TV stations covered it. WHY should I mourn I did not know her she had her failings like all of us but the media decided that it should be rammed down our throats.Its a form of brainwashing.

Yet we cannot fight back ! they are all powerful try it and you are a goner they can turn you into anything they like.

I do not know what it is like in other Countries but the line between right and wrong are blurred and this is what the human population is brought up on.

Australia is not a religious Country no where like the US ..I suppose one in 50 might go to church.I for one am agnostic.

I do not know anymore but I for one will not be brainwashed as I am from a time that there was no TV or Internet I get in a muddle with all of the latest stuff on the market now,just worked out how to set the VCR cannot keep up,still type with one finger, add up with my mind,if I want to know my bank balance I call them up to ask.

There is no answer to all of this but boy this world is one scary place now.

Look around, how many happy events in the newspaper and on the news
are published or shown in a day ......this is called life.
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I agree with you on the media.  We are force fed a ton of grim looking news daily.  And what isnt grim looking looks to be fodder from a gossip column.  I remember the Princess Di thing pretty well.  Not that I didnt want to know about this, but I didnt want to know about it every 5 minutes for weeks on end.  

The media gets confused as to whats news and what shouldnt be covered.  Take the wars for instance.  Not a whole bunch of good comes from wars, and I really hate that our fighting men and women are all on the front lines.  But the news stories are how many of our brave have been killed, who/how many they have killed, suicide bombers, the religious split.... you never get the positives!  Its all negative, then you muddy the waters with all of the celebrity gossip garbage.... I dont give a damn what Mel Gibson said.  ITs not going to affect me in the least, thats his cross to bear, and if he hasnt learned to shut his yap yet..... it probably isnt going to happen any time soon.

The political bias is more and more obvious and worsening by the day.  All I want is facts....good old hard facts like they used to give us.

Boy oh boy!  What a difference a decade or 2 can cause.  
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