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Help... 5 days without sleep

Hi, its my 5th night in a row without any sleep at all. In the past 9 days I've only had 2 nights were I got some sleep. I tried to get help yesterday for it. I spend most of the day in er. Only to be told its not possible to stay awake for 4 days without sleep so I must be lying and to go home. I've haven't had to much of a problem with the symptoms I've got so far but I expect them to get worse if I dont get some sleep soon. As the hospital didn't believe me I now have no where I can go to get some help to help me sleep.
Some of the symptoms I have and have had are; anxiety, muscle weakness, clamy skin, red hands, finger tips and feet. Almost translucent, loose kind of skin on limbs(don't know how else to explain it sorry). Other times I get like a chill blame looking rash on my body mainly arms and legs. My face has a slight yellow shade to it. As does the rest of my skin. Bright red lips. nausea, vomiting, confusion, hallucinations (seeing and hearing things). Some nights where I can communicate with them and them with me. Others I just see and hear them. Chest and abdominal pain. Increase heart rate, slight blurred vision, loss of appetite, lack of thirst, lack of concentration, no interest in pretty much anything. Any other symptoms I can expect to happen?
   Are there any long term problems I might get from this? If so things like what?
   Any help would be appreicated greatly, thank you.
   Any ideas I might be able to try that haven't been list on here already? (they didnt work)
   I've had the feeling of beening wide awake for days now and doesn't seem to be going away. I've had sleeping problems before but 4 days was the longest and I didn't have this feeling of awakeness.
Please Help Me Someone : )  
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If you are hallucinating and having severe insomnia and all the other symptoms you are describing, you need to call your doctor right away.

Dr. Jacobs
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