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More Rest from Sleep

Ht. 6 foot 7 inches
Weight: 234.5
Age: 67  
BP: 141/77 controlled
Pulse: 70 controlled
I usually eat three meals per day.  I drink a lot of coffee in the morning, but almost never any at all in the afternoon and evening.


I usually sleep from about 10:30 pm until 6:00 am, mostly without much turning through the night.  Sometimes it is obvious that I’ve had disturbed active sleep, but I would guess that is only one or two nights a week.
Either way I never wake up completely rested.  I’m usually tired for about an hour after arising (6:00 – 7:00 am).

My memory seems to be fading as I get older.  Sometimes I lose my thought in the middle of a sentence while talking with someone.

I don’t do regular exercises, but I do (farm-type) work outside a lot.  I have gained almost 10 pounds since March (about 2 months).

The following are medicines that I am now taking:

BISACODYL 5mg (1 or 2) Daily as needed for chronic constipation
CYCLOBENZAPRINE HCL 10mg (1 or 2) Daily for muscle spasms
IBUPROFEN 600 mg (1 or 2) Daily for arthritis pain
PRAVASTATIN NA 20 mg ½ daily for cholesterol
CETIRIZINE HCL 10 mg  ½ daily for allergies
LISINOPRIL 20 mg daily
METOPROLOL TARTRATE 50 mg 1 ½  twice daily for palpitations

LOW DOSE ASPIRIN 81 mg daily for circulation
SAW PALMETTO 500 mg 1 per day for prostate
My PSA was 0.96
PSYLLIUM POWDER 8oz solution daily for regularity
MULTI-VITAMIN 1-daily routine

The following are results of my March 2009 blood chemistry which exceeded control limits:

Bilirubin Total (Plasma) High 1.6 mg/dl
Glucose (Plasma) High 120 mg/dl
Bun/Cre Ratio (Plasma) Low 8.9
RBC (Blood) Low 4.3 M/cmm
HGB (Blood)  Low 13.9 g/dL
HCT (Blood) Low 39.5 %
MCH (Blood) High 32.4 pg
MPV (Blood) Low 6.6 mu3
TOTAL MONOCYTE (Blood) High 0.6 K/cmm
EOS (Blood) High 7.6
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Feeling tired for the first hour after waking for the day is not uncommon. However, if  you are sleeping 7.5 hours per night and feel sleepy or tired throughout the day, you should be evaluated at a sleep center for underlying sleep disorder.

Dr. Jacobs
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