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Periodic limb movement disorder ?
Im writing for my father's problem and these are his symptoms;
-  Uncontrollable shaking in both of his legs which happens only when he is in bed trying to sleep
-  He has been having these symptoms for over 8-9 months.
-  He is now having the same sudden shaking's in his arms and its started for over a month now with the legs.
-  Once he manages to go sleep for a while, he starts to scream like a person with extreme pains but he never remembers these after waking up and he says that he has pain in his lower back and legs.
-  He works in a job (food industry) which requires a lot of physical activity such as standing for more than 3-4 hours without sitting, running and carrying stuff around.
-  He's experiencing a lot of stress with his colleagues in terms of relationship and has financial problems.
-  He had an MRI brain scan and results were normal and then had another one for his whole body. The results of that scan is still awaiting.
-  He is waiting to go into this place where he'll sleep there for a day and they will watch him while asleep. Sorry, i cant remember the labs name but i think it was to do with telemetry. The appointment has been booked for 5-6 months later as there is a long queuing going on.
-  He has been prescribed with clonazepam this january but immediatly stopped taking them after a week. This has helped to stop him shaking but made him feel lifeless as he couldnt move any part of his body and slept in one position all the time. My mum had to turn him over or lift his arms up for him. Doctor gave this medication after listening to his concerns and did not examine him in anyway.
- Family medical history: His mother has problems with her knee and urges to get a new knee replacement.
- I have checked RLS and its symptoms and it seems to similar to PLMD in some ways, so i've decided to select this topic for my concern. We may go to another county for a faster treatment as we think we just wasting our time waiting for nothing. Thank you.
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Please post your question for Dr. Park in the Sleep Breathing Disorders forum since he is the sleep apnea and periodic limb movement disorder specialist (I am the insomnia specialist).

Dr. Jacobs
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