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Will I ever sleep as well again?

Dr Jacobs
I used to consistently sleep for 8 hours a night AND take naps during the day before I started suffering chronic insomnia as a result of the loss of a loved one.  I have never had problems falling asleep but struggled to stay asleep during the night.  I became very stressed by this because I did not understand why I could not sleep, given that I felt so tired during the day and when awake at night.  I tried a range of therapies, including hypnotherapy, valerian pills, I started at a sleep disorder clinic (no CBT offered), and tried daily meditation.  None of these items in isolation improved my situation.  I then stumbled on a site which talked through one of your patient's examples, which worked on sleep restriction and CBT.  I bought your book and followed the same idea, as well as kept a sleep diary.  It worked!  However I seem to have relapsed into nightly awakenings.  I go to bed at 12.15am and wake at 6.45am, with a half hour awakening during the night. I have noticed that the combination of sleep restriction and meditation works best for me.  So I have started a regular meditation again.  Even though I am suffering a relapse, I feel I have the tools to resolve my problem and so do not feel stressed over loss of sleep.
The only thing that concerns me now is that I have moved from being an 8hr sleeper, to a 6hour sleep by following your methods.  I perform well during the day, and no longer take naps.
Am I getting enough sleep?  Has my sleep quality changed?  Or have I just learned to cope with less sleep?  Will I ever become an 8hr sleeper again?
I also awake at 4am feeling hot, can this be explained?  i am in my late 30's.
Your thoughts on this would be valued.  And thank you, enormously, for your published work, it saved me!
Regards, D
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It is impossible to answer whether you will be an eight hour sleeper again. The only way to find out is to continue to use CBT and gradually increase your time in bed until the increased time results in awake time and not sleep time. However, it is also possible that you don't need eight hours of sleep since most people don't.If you feel rested on six, that is your answer.

Dr. Jacobs
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