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Narcolepsy, how to find the severity

Narcolepsy, how to find the severity of this sleep disorder?  I am helping my friend with his disability claim.  He has PTSD also and is not able to discuss the Narolepsy with doctors or me  or anyone.  How can I show the severity of his Narcolepsy.  He goes out of way to look normal everytime he has an evaluation for mental stability.

He has sleep Apnea #12 CPAP nightly.  He is not able to tolerate the Narcolepsy medication.  throat clossed, tongue swale, stomach blew up, stayed in toilet.

Can some tell me what to claim and how to show the severity?

Thank you Iris
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The sleep doctor who diagnosed his narcolepsy can answer this based on the sleep study that was performed for the diagnosis.

Dr. Jacobs
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Thank you so much, He has an appointment in July.  Thank thank you, thank you
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