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I need help. I need to sleep.

I have narcolepsy (along w/ many other diseases).  Along with the narcolepsy comes severe insomnia. On top of that, my body adapts to sleeping medications rapidly. In addition, I am on the last ditch Rx sleeping med that my team of three drs can come up with (general practioner, sleep specialist, psychiatrist).  The med is Rimeron and I've been on it less than a week....it will be useless soon. Already I am having to boost its power with clonazepam (anti-anxiety) and non-drowsy cough medicine. Even with that I don't sleep till 2 am if at all. Does anybody have any suggestions please?    
I'm exhausted.
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Hi are you still sleepless, I am permanently it seems lol
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   I feel for you, my doctor give me Zolpidem 10mg which is the generic for Ambien. There is also an Ambien CR. If you get it read the warnings carefully as its a very contravercial medicine. No not take at all if you are prone to sleepwalking! Safety first. I hope you get some much needed sleep. Sweet dreams.
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Last night I took 2 iberuphen with the PM sleep aid ..it worked but as always I got woozy side effects today lol
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  Yes I agree with Margypops  in that the Tylenol PM does help a lot. Turns out the Ambien only works for a short while then stops. Have you gotten any sleep yet?
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