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Can Acupuncture help Low Antral Follicles?

I had a CCT and had slightly unfavorable results (Day 3 FSH 9.6, Estradiol 72, Day 10 FSH 16.1, Estradiol 482).  We are planning to start IVF this cycle.  During my baseline today, I had only 5 total antral follicles, and my ovary size was smallish.  I am extremely discouraged.  I started Acupuncture 3 weeks ago, and wish I had started sooner.  Can in still help me conceive or have a successful IVF cycle with these results?

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While there is no guarantee, acupuncture can improve your IVF success.  Acupuncture can also help improve follicle development. To help improve ovarian reserve, chinese herbal medicine treatment with acupuncture has helped some patients.
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