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Optimum Time for Estrogen, Progesterone Testing; Comments on Muscle fatigue and weaknesss after miscarriage

I have possible CFIDS/ME and have been diagnosed with a thickened endometrial lining and have a very irregular but monthly menstrual cycle (23-31 days).

I have been given a referal for a total estrogen and progesterone test (as well as DHEA). But since the estrogen and progesterone levels change throughout the menstrual cycle, I have been wondering:

Is there an optimum time within the menstrual cycle to get good values for a better diagnosis for a hormonal imbalance?

I would also appreciate any comments on the muscle weakness and at times severe muscle fatigue that I have been experiencing together with the irregular period after a miscarriage two years ago. My HMO doctors have not been very helpful. Other endocrine levels have been in this period of two years:

  TSH                        2.66  -  3.287  uIU/mL,  (within normal range for most labs,
                                                                    but borderline for the therapeutic range for
                                                                    hypothyroidism according to new standards of the
                                                                    AACE I found out)
  T4, Free                  1.1                 ng/dL
  T3, Total              113                    ng/dL                                        
                                                                   other thyroid values are more mid-range and didn't
                                                                   find worth mentioning

  Cortisol 8am            13.0-13.7        mcg/dL
  Cortisol 3pm              4.66             mcg/dL  (borderline low)

Thank you for your response.

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I am not familar with the abbreviation CFIDS/ME.
In general estradiol levels and DHEAS should be checked in the follicular phase like on the third day of your period.
In general progesterone levels are checked in the luteal phase--7 days after ovulation. You can monitor the ovulation by checking a ovulation predictor kit and then when it turns positive check the progesterone level 7 days later.
If the progesterone level is elevated then it means that you ovulated that month.

Severe muscle fatigue and weakness can be signs of different disease processes that could be serious. I would suggest that you ask your doctor for a referral to an Endocrinologist or possibly a Neurologist if it is severe to check out what the reason for your muscle weakness could be.

I wish you wellness.

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Please forgive me for only abreviating CFIDS/ME; it stands for Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (its improved name).

Thank you so much for responding to my questions and for your comments. The information you  gave me is very helpful. It also prevented me from taking the tests at the wrong time since I had not been able to find an answer from doctors or the internet.

Sincerely Katherine7

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