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Dear Doctor,

I was just recently diagnosed with pcos within the last year. However just within the last month i have had one yeast infection and now i am getting the exact same symptoms and believe i have another one. I'm worried that there might be a bigger issue going on than what seems to be happening. When i had my last yeast infection, i did the full treatment and now i seem to have gotten it again. Is this normal? I have also been having frequent bowel movements after eating. Whenever i seem to eat, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.. im rushing to bathroom. About 2 months ago, my gynecologist did find 2 small cysts on the right ovary.. could the frequent bowel movements be as a result of the cysts possibly getting bigger due to my pcos?

thank you in advance,
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I do not think the cysts are related to the frequent bowel movements however, you should be checked for prediabetes or diabetes because of the frequent yeast infections.
I usually do a 2 hour glucose tolerance test with a 75 gram glucose challenge and also check fasting and 2 hour insulin levels and also a HgBA1C.
Also, you should be check for celiac disease as well because this is a very underdiagnosed condition that is an autoimmune disorder caused by a reaction to gluten protein in wheat.
I would suggest that you see a specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility for PCOS  if you have not done so yet and also to see your Internist for other possible problems with bowel function.
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