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Possibly Pregnant ans still taking birth control

Dear Dr. Kim,

Is it possible to get pregnant and still have a period after conception? And if I started taking birth control after I got pregnant, but I didnt know i was pregnant, will that affect my baby?

I have just recently started taking birth control, YAZ to be exact. And I was wondering if you could tell me... Well, I should start off by saying that i may possibly be pregnant. Yaz, or birth control in general if they are all the same; could you tell me when my period is supposed to start? Once I start taking the white pills, or after i take the 4 white pills? (the white pills are the last pills for the month.) If I am pregnant, I dont know it. but i need to know so that i can stop taking the birth control, because can that affect the baby? And what affects will the birth control pills have on the baby?

Thank you for any help you can give me!
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If you think that you are pregnant, then you should check a pregnancy test. One of the best ways is for your doctor to check a quantitative beta HCG which is a blood test. If you do not have a doctor, you can check a urine pregnancy test.
The birth control pill probably will not effect your baby however, you should of course stop it immediately.
If you have further concerns, you should talk with your OB/GYN once it is established that you are pregnant and they can refer you to a genetic counselor to discuss possilbe effect of the pill on your baby's develpment.
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Dear Dr. Kim,

My name is Dina and I have been on birth control for about a year and 2 months now. Recently I missed my pills on the weekend because I went out of town then took them when I got back but then I forgot to take them for a whole week because I figured I might as well start my new pack on the next Sunday that follows. I was wondering because of me skipping around so much if it is possible I could have definatly increased my chances of getting pregnant because that whole week I was having unprotected sex and I just figured that when I took the new pack I would just get back on track and I would get a period. Was my thinking correct?..I need help. This up coming week I am supposed to be finished with my pack of birth control and I am supposed to be getting a period. I was wondering if I should take a pregnancy test as well just to make sure because I have heard many stories about girls getting pregnant while on birth control. If you could please write me back I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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