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my mental state

I am 38.  I have had 4 laporoscopys for  endometriosis and was on different types of fertility treatments for aproximately 15 years starting at about 18.  We did invetro at age 33 and recovered 6 eggs.  3 inplanted with one birth.  At 36 the other 3 with one birth.  My son was born in May of 2006.  It was a rough birth.  Mentally I feel as if  I am loosing control at times.  One moment I am fine and the next I am full of rage.  My ob/gyn put me on Yaz.  This is the end of my 4th month.  I am somewhat better than months ago, but still feel out of control at times?  Could this be because of the endometriosis, or hormone change or what?  I love my kids more than anything.  I don't want them to see me out of control.  I would love to feel in control again.  Any suggestions?
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It is possible that hormones could be contributing to you feeling out of control. Whenever there is chronic health problems or pain, there can be a mental component that could be mediated by hormones and/or stress hormones. Stress can also contribute to the feeling out of control. I suggest that you see your doctor or mental health professional to make sure the hormones are ok and that you do not have any serious mental health issues. If these are in order, or in addition you can also do things to bring back a sense of well-being and control by doing some mind-body techniques.  Try to find someone in your area that would specialize in mind-body medicine.

The mind/body approach emphasizes the connections between the mind, body, and behavior. It consists of any method wherein you use your mind to change your behavior or physiology in order to promote health or recover from illness. Mind/body approaches include techniques that induce the relaxation response (yoga, mindfulness, deep breathing, repetitive prayer, body scan, progressive relaxation), cognitive therapy either within a group or one-on-one with a therapist, and coping skills for stress management. Mind/body approaches and programs have proved highly successful at increasing pregnancy rates and decreasing distress for women struggling with infertility. Common approaches are: Meditation, Relaxation Therapy, Centering Prayer.

I wish you wellness.
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