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Hand Foot and Mouth Adult

My 6 yr old daughter came down with Hand Foot and Mouth 1 week ago. She started out with sore throat, fever, then the red bumps on the fingers and toes as well as throat and mouth. Lasted for about 5 days.

5-7 days after her bout with what her doctor described as FHAM, I (45yr old male) came down with body aches, pains, soar throat and fever for the first 24 hours. The sore throat is still present with the exact same looking throat as my 6 year old but WORSE !!  I also have the red sores on the inside and tops of my fingers. Other than that I feel a little weak but am fine otherwise.  

Does this sound like HFAM as well ?  My doctor is on vacation and I dont have time to wait for "hours" at an ER...If it is possible that its HFAM is it rare for an adult to have it ?  And also how long before it should start to get better ?

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