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Liver or kidney damage? Is Terry's Nails an issue?

This is not in complete sentences due to the 2000 character limit :-/
27 year old male
been sober for 9 months
I drank heavily for 6 years.  typically 6-12 drinks 3 times/week.  There were times where I drank much more. Like, in the 20s

I've also taken tylenol regularly but never above the maximum dose.  I would use tylenol to help get rid of hang overs.

Health problems:
anal fistula. surgically resolved
Yeast Infection on penis for over a year. wife treated.  Took fluconazole. Stopped skin peeling but not irritation/redness.

2007 had ultrasound no signs of liver problems. continued to drink.

In 2008 CBC elevated liver enzymes post antifungal. Follow up CBC normal

Diagnosed with GERD.  Taking a PPI has helped my stomach pain, but not pain in my esophagus.  Scope showed no ulcers but a hiatal hernia.  Been having esophagus pain for over a year.  I remember the pain started the morning after a binge.

My first symptom has also had the least discomfort but has worried me the most.  My nails started turning white.  The nails on my pinky fingers look like what is described as Terry's nails: white with a dark band at the tip. The rest look like they have started to turn white near the base and there is only a little evidence of a dark band beginning near the tip.  Toe nails look half and half: white and red.  It seems that since I have stopped drinking they have not worsened and possibly gotten a little better.

For several months I had bleeding from my belly button.  

My eyes are white and clear around the iris, but yellow on the sides.  Not sure if jaundice would be equally distributed along the sclera or if it could be yellow on the sides like mine.

No swelling of the abdomon or spider angioma.  No significant pain around the liver or kidneys.

difficulty healing! penis and esophagus.. even with treatment

Have I possibly done damage to my liver, kidneys or other organs?  Is Terry's nails something to worry about?

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