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Swollen Bilateral Submandibular Lymph Nodes (SBSLN)

I went to Panama City Panama on 11/14/12. I returned on 11/18/12. I had oral sex/kissed a women while I was there. Next day I had slight acidic feeling in my throat. It only bothered me for a few days mainly right before i went to bed. Other than that I felt fine. When I returned on 11/19 around 1AM, I started feeling like the flu was coming on and had some sinus pressure behind my cheeks. My nasal passages seemed clear and had no signs of a stuffy nose/nasal drip. Doc gave me 3 day antibiotics. After a week I didn't feel any better and started getting some night sweats/fatigue. The doctor then put me on a 10 day/AMOXIC 875mg. On 11/22, I started getting swollen bilateral submandibular lymph nodes (SBSLN)..painful/aching at times. I was also getting some random itching all over at times mainly at bedtime. Most of itching was occurring from the waist up, mainly head/face/chest/arms. After the 10 day antibiotics, still had/have all the symptoms (minor Fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, periodic night sweats and random itching). Took STD test on 12/11/ for HIV1/HIV2, Chlam, Gonn, Hep A/B/C and all were neg. HSV1/2 were positive. I did have a cold sore above my lip before I went to Panama but it cleared up before I left. I had no signs of HSV2. I went to another clinic and got HSV1/2 test and both were neg. I went to see a doc on 1/9/13 he tested for HIV/MONO. Both were neg. He said I may have some kind of viral infection and should go away over time. I am now taking vitamin C/D. Most noticeable symptom is (SBSLN). Always somewhat painful all the times. The pain is only specific to those LN's. I sometimes get sharp minor pinpoint pains at random part of my body but mostly on the inside of the thighs and outer armpit area/shoulder blades. These mild shooting pains are random and infrequent. Did blood test(CMP12+8AC+CBC/D/Plt+UA;LP;Cholest). All Ok but slightly high Glucose serum&cholesterol. Also took acyclovir/400mg for 7 days. No help. Any Advise?
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