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What now?

I am a 38-year-old non-smoking male.  6 weeks ago I began having right upper quadrant pain.  Over the course of these 6 weeks, as the pain has moved up, down, and around my abdomen and to my chest and back, I have had the following tests: colonoscopy (normal); abdominal and pelvic CT scan w/ oral and IV contrast (normal, but wanted to check for gallstones), and chest X-ray (normal).  The abdominal ultrasound did not indicate gallstones, but did show a polyp on my gallbladder.

I have also had a nagging dry cough for the past 3-4 weeks that did not respond to a just-completed 5-day course of antibiotics.

In addition to the abdominal pain, the nagging cough, and pain that migrates to my chest have my concerned.  My doctor didn't seem to have any belief that the polyp on my gallbaldder was the cause of any of my issues.  It seems to me that he wants to blame my pain on "stress."  Needless to say, I'm not convinced.

Any thoughts as to what is causing my issues, and where to go from here?  Thanks.
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