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hemorrhoid or abcess ?

For the last one week I have been feeling a slight pricking session in my anus when I have been sitting. Today i conducted a self physical exam and on my right side i felt a boil. I am not sure if it is a hemorrhoid or a abscess.

I also had a week a boil on my shoulder and just finished 5 days of amoxil (amoxicillin) is a penicillin antibiotic) dosages was 2 tables of 500 mg each per day

there is no bleeding in my stool
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Hello. Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, there is not a substitute for seeking care with a physician with a physical exam. I would be concerned about your propensity for soft tissue infections such as MRSA if you have an abscess in a different part of your body.

Very Respectfully,
Dr. S
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