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Do I have IC?

I wish I could see a urologist about this--I have no insurance--so I thought I'd give this a shot first:

I'm a 30 year old male. Off and on for the past five months or so, I have had a constant urge to urinate. On a good day during these spells, I can keep my trips to the bathroom down to five a day, though the urge is always there; sometimes I can last five hours without going (I feel so proud of myself then), other times--even on the same day--I might barely make it more than an hour. More often than not, the stream is pretty small. The urge to urinate is actually strongest when I have just finished urinating (stronger, in fact, then right before urination), then after an hour or so it dies down somewhat.

There is never pain during urination, except for a little burning in rare instances, and I have never had to get up in the night to go. There has not been any incontinence so far, except on one occasion when a few small drops came onto my undershorts, but this may have been semen.  

Also accompanying these symptoms, on occasion, is a low level, dull pain in my lower back.

About a month ago, I also got sick and thought this might be the early stages of kidney stones. I went to a instant care clinic and had a urinalysis done. The clinic's analysis was limited, but they found no bacteria and (I think) no blood.
In doing research on my symptoms, IC is what seemed to be the closest match, and I have tried to avoid the main problem foods (citrus, carbonation, chocolate, alcohol and coffee). This has seemed to help a little (bringing the number of trips per day down a bit).

I do have a family history of IC, as I'm told my maternal grandmother had it. I also seem to have IBS, though this has not been officially diagnosed either.

I appreciate any light anyone can shed on this. Thank you.

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HI, the question is--what is your diagnosis?  IC usually causes urinary frequency, urgency and pelvic pain, pressure or discomfort.  If you don't have the pain/pressure problem you technically can't be diagnoses with IC.  There are other problems in men that can cause frequency and urgency.  Overactive bladder  is seen in 5% of people age 25 or less, and more often your age.  You can also have what's called a bladder neck obstruction, which is a muscular ring of tissue at the bladder nect causing obstruction and overactive bladder.  To sort this out you need to see a Urologist.   If insurance is a problem, your primary care doctor may give you some samples of a medication for overactive bladder and see how you respond.  He needs to check to make sure you are emptying your bladder first.  GoodLuck
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One more thing I forgot: An enlarged prostate was ruled out during my visit to the instant care clinic.

Although I'm not sure it was worth it to find that out.
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I have IC and am an IC support group leader.  I have not heard of IC in a patient
that does not have to get up and go at all at night, honestly.  

I also don't have insurance but most physicians will work with you if your honest and
make an effort to pay them.  Many give cash discounts since they do not have to spend the extra hours on insurance paper work!  With the description of a weak stream, you might ask them to check you for rention.  This is easy and pain less.  They have a machine similiar to a sonogram machine but less elaborate, that can read the amount of urine in your bladder right after you go.   I have had a problem with rention in the past as well and thier are many medications that can help with this.  Many of them also have
patients assistance programs.

IN the long run if you are retaining it will be cheaper to pay an office visit now, then to wait and have your bladder shut down completely.  Then you will have an ER visit,
unless you are able to self cath!!

Again, I would encourage you to go and have it checked out! Ask around and find a doctor that works with thier patients etc.  There are a lot of them out there.  There may also even be a free clinic in your area or one based on a sliding scale!  Though they may not be able to run the scan they could also rule our retention, by catherization after you urinate to see how much stays in the bladder.  Though less fun then the first option it might be more affordable and it is really not that bad to be catherized!

Best Wishes!
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First of all, I have IC and I don't get up in the night - so the first part of the above comment is ********.

Secondly, you need some form of treatment, it won't just go away. There are a few I know of - I've had the first (involving **** being inserted into your bladder - yes, I know, very technical term) and there's a botox treatment, the botox being injected into your bladder.

The first is mainly for pain, and the second one would be appropriate for you - inquire about the botox treatment with a doctor.
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