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diagnosed with IC after a bad fall

I had a bad fall in January off a wrought iron chair. I hit my pelvic bone (near vagina). I then flipped back onto my right hip. None of my pelvic organs are functioning correctly. How could I be normal one day then fall and be diaginosed with  all kinds of problems. Not just IC but. IBS, acid reflux, anxiety, allergies,pelvic floor disorder, SIJD, disc buldge at 51, s1,2, and 3. vagina atrophy, vaginal irritation. I was tested for everything all normal. It has been 5 months and I am disabled, depressed. I just started physical therapy and see a small improvement. I am scheduled for internal therapy in June. No one knows the cause of IC. Well maybe its caused by nerve damaged from the spine. Or trauma to the pelvic organs. Need advice. I have change my diet. All raw, no difference. I don't have pain all the time. IT is intermittent..
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Interstitial Cystitis (IC) has been reported to be triggered by a direct injury to the bladder, such as during surgery for a hysterectomy, penetrating trama such as a gun shot wound or a bad urinart tract infection.  The pubic bone protects the bladder from injury.  If there was no recognized bladder injury, its unclear how a fall could trigger IC.  IBS, acid reflux, anxiety and the other disorders you list are all in different systems of the body and unlikely to be caused by a single fall.  A spine injury can cause symptoms in multiple organ systems but the acute injury is usually detected on CT or MRI scans of the spine.  You may have had some preexisting but unrecognized problems that are now clinically evident after the fall.  IC patients have a higher prevalence of IBS, fibromyalgia, food and drug allergies than the rest of the population.  It's not clear from your question what type of doctor you are seeing but  you need to see a Urologist who has access to a multidiciplinary team of doctors including a neurologist, gastroenterologist, gynecologist and a psychologist who all specialize in pain disorders and can provide coordinated care. There is new evidence that physical therapy may be effective in IC.  Good Luck.
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Hi All:

Does anyone know a good urologist who specialises in IC treatment in Bangalore, India?

I am at my wit's end.
I feel Depressed and SUICIDAL!

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Here is the name of a Urologist in India who is an expert in IC, and attends major international meetings and gives presentations.  This is your best start. Otherwise try making an appointment at a major academic center with a Urology Dept.  You need to work with someonw with expertise in Female Urology. Good Luck.

Nagendra Mishra, MD
Consultant Urologist
Jivraj Mehta Hospital
Ahmedabad, India
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