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pelvic and kidney pain

Hello, I just got back from the hospital and I'm thinking that they might have missed something.  It makes 3 month that I keep on getting symptoms for a UTI but it doesn't want to seem to go away. This is the 4th time they give me antibiotics and nothing seems to work it is just getting worse. This time they did a culture and found to signs of infection in the urine nor blood. Last monday I had orange and cloudy urine. Now I have major kidney pelvic pain. They did an ultra sound but found nothing. Right before the ultrasound I peed and it was really painful. I constantly feel like I have to pee and I am absolutely exausted. The pain is so bad that I can't work at my new job.  The doctors think that it is sand that I past through and they are keeping me on antibiotics  for 4 more days with novo naproxin. My sister has interstitial cystitis. Could it be this what can I do. I'm going crazy with pain and because my urine is clean, white blood cells are up and nothing could be seen on the ultra sound I'm being treated like a loon. I don't know what to do please help....
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Hi, you probably have IC based on your classic symptoms of frequency, urgency and pain in the bladder/urethra.  Your symptoms are unresponsive to antobiotics and treatment with antibiotics is ineffective.  With no blood in the urine and a normal ultrasound, you have ruled out the other clinical problems with these symptoms.  You have a 17 X higher risk of having IC because you have a primary family member with IC. You need to see your sister's Urologist or a local one that has experience in IC.  You will eventually need a hydrodistention of the bladder under anesthesia to clarify the diagnosis.  I recommend you to the the web site ichelp.org. The Intersitial Cystitis Association website has great info on the IC diet that eliminated bladder irritants that can make your symptoms worse. The next step is to make an appointment with a doctor who specializes in female urology or urogynecology, do a urine culture to r/o a persistent infection, and get the correct diagnosis.  Good Luck
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iam having issues with my bladder as well have taking home test shows white blood cells present know nitrates or protein i just feel like iam not peeing enough did they check for kidney stones i heard they reeeeally hurt good luck let me know how it goes
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