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Anyone hav heparin and lidocaine injected into bladder?

Hi, I've been dealing with nutcracker syndrome, pelvic congestion syndrome, and chronic pelvic pain for 1 1/2 years now.  Recently, I was referred to a urogynecologist in Park Ridge, IL.  He said I probably have IC and pedundal neuropathy, and before I knew what was going on, the doc jammed a straight catheter into my urethra and injected a mixture of heparin and lidocaine into my bladder.  He said it would help ease/numb the pain and wants me to come back once a week for 6 weeks to have this done.  I haven't felt any relief from the 1st instillation (that's what he called it) so I'm not sure if the pain from having the procedure actually done is worth it - you know the pee hole's only so big, right?!!

Any comments would be helpful.  Thanks
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I do bladder instills, mines used to have heparin and lidoccainm I now use lidocaine, marcaine, solu cortef, and sodium bicarb. Heparin is a  bladder coater and is good too. Honestly the first time I had it done it hurt too...,and didn't help a lot but it  takes a few.  Now them at home weekly abd the make a huge difference. One thing that did make a difference was switching to preservative free intill meds. If you would like the ndc numbers, let me know. My uro has now switched to all preservative free meds. too.

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I've had many bladder instillations with lidocaine and sodium bicarb. They never really worked for me. Has your doctor done a cystoscopy? That would help determine if you have IC.
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I am on my 2nd instillation and third tomorrow I have seen no improvement either and I am still in so much pain and I refuse to take any narcotics to help. Are you on pyridium cause that definently helps alot
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I also have pelvic congestive syndrome,IC,Pelvic Floor Dysfuction& various other health issues. I am 36 and My IC symptoms started after surgery to remove endometriosis. Ive had so many dif treatments for my IC its scary,nothing seems to help all the time. I had IC with retention and had an interstim which helped for 2 yrs til it broke or moved. I recently went through a ten day ketamine infusion which has helped greatly with my pain but Im only 5 days out from my last injection and dont know what to expect. It did help greatly with the depression that people with chronic pain often suffer. Now I will be starting all the bladder infusions again and hopefully getting the intersim fixed but wanted to tell you not to be to disappointed if your installations dont help much. There are a world of options if you have the right Doc and keep yourself informed!
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Btw, if you havent been cathed many times this could def be part of your pain! It can be awful, it got better for me after the 1st few times.
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I have had lidocaine insilled after a test for IC and it stopped the spasms, but I still had some burning in my urethra for a while.
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