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Help us get the Word Out about IC

Do your live with frequency, pelvic pain, burning etc. yet the doctors keep telling you nothing is wrong
then ask you doctor if it might be IC. Though Medhelp does not allow us to post direct links or give out
our personal e-mail address since they have had problems with this in the past.  Please feel free to
pm for links and more information on IC.  However here are some things to get you started that might help.

To see if you think you might have IC the Elmiron website has a questionnaire that you can take to your doctor that
gives you an idea what the likely hood that you might have IC is.  

I am an IC support group leader for MO and Ark, if you live in our region again pm directly to links to MOARKIC to
be able to connect with other IC patients in this region or to find a medical practitioner as well.  If you are a medical professional treating IC patients in this region please contact me directly so I can add you to our medical resource guide.

There are two large national IC groups as well.
The ICA focus is mainly to raise money for research and provide educational materials.

The ICN has a lot of research and information as well/

PureHope is a national pelvic pain organization as well.

I also want to welcome any IC or chronic pelvic pain patients from these groups to our new board here!

Thank each of you for joining and support this forum!

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