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How to cope with IC depression?

Dear members:  I have been reading more in the past 2 years than all of my years in high school, college, and teaching combined.  Why, Why, are we cursed with this terrible IC problem?  I am a mother and grandmother age 65.  I am a teacher who is trying not to retire.  This horrid problem is affecting my whole being.  I have noticed that a proper diet that is salt free yields the best results for me.  However, even with medication, meditation, exercise, and all of the positive things that we are told to do, my worst enemy is "STRESS".  At my age one visits stress I am noticing quite often,  Everyone needs the 'Mamma'.  Children, grandchildren.....the whole family depends on the Mamma.  Before IC I was there for everyone.  Well now the thought of getting envolved causes a flareup.  I am hating holidays, birthdays, vacations, swimming, fishing, and all of the pleasant things that I used to look forwards too all my life.
I lost my mother and two other close family members in the past 5 years.  The flareups were relentless.  I was so scared to even think of a pain so intense that it had to be cancer related.  I am sure that all of you have thought of the 'c' word.  I had thyroid surgery 4 years ago and have considered the possibility of IC brought on by Iodine 131 treatment for that cancer.
The problem with the research is that you can always find a yes or no to any question.  Well, friends after reading my comments do you have any related situations or comments that might sooth an old ladies mind.  I was always active and did not look my age.   During a bad IC attack I look my age and older.  Sometimes on a weekly basis.

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Hello, i just want to comment and say i was diagnoised at 20 years old, i am now 23 and IC has also taken a huge impact on my life. The thought always running thru my mind is " if i feel like this now at 23 what am i going to feel like in 10 plus years" that is what upsets me. i am told it only gets worse and i do not want to feel worse. I am not sure how long you have experianced this issue but i do have all the empathy in the world for any one suffering with IC. I also have Endo and the 2 really take a told on me. I do see a counsler for cognitive therapy once a month- maybe something to think about ? wish you the best- good luck :)
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Changing the thought process then leads to changing behavior and in cognitive therapy you learn to change those negative or toxic thoughts into healthy more positive ones. i do this allot- i can not go for a long drive because it will not be fun i will be in pain- setting myself up for disappointment or to "fail" before even trying. If you can change the thought process i strongly believe it will then change the behaviors and maybe then you will be able to get back out there in all those great hobbies you once enjoyed. I started riding my bike ( i was an athlete and as much as i would love to play ball again i know that just wont happen so walking  or riding my bike will have to do! )  and it actually has helped so much with coping with stress ( i have 2 kids and im a full time college student on top of all the health issues)  . hope i helped a little  
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