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Hi, I am new here.  I desperately need help.  My problems all began in 1992 I had a tubal in Feb and all my bladder issuses started in June.  I had never had them before.  I found a great uro in TX.  She worked with me several years but had it under control.  I have sinced moved to Ok and am perimenopausal.  Eight months ago it all started again.  The uro I was seeing  in TX is now gone, so I started seeing one here.  Who hasnt done much good.  He did the ultrasound and th cysto and said everyting was fine.  I told him I could drink baking soda and it helped alot.  He put me on potassium chloride and said if this didnt work the only thng left would be the implant or I cant remember what it is called where they put a needle in your ankle onece a week  There has to be someting else that can be done my other uro did..  Does anyone know a good uro in Oklahoma.  I would like female if possiable they seem to understand better and has anyone else had a relationship with this and a tubal?  Thank you so much.  I hope someone will pleae help me.
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