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unexplained weight gain and ic?

has any one with IC with ulcers also in the bladder ever gained weight with no apparent reason,but maybe because of a bad flare up? I have noticed that when I try to do ab work outs that it always brings on a bad flare up with my IC. This time it happened about a month ago,I was using an ab roller and the next day severe pain in my bladder that didnt ease up ,so I did no exersise for at least a month and I drank too much RC soda,which is a big no-no when you have IC.I knew it might not be a good thing but,this summer was SO hot and nothing is as good as an RC.It is my down fall,also lemon in my tea everyday.I have not been eating right in a long time because I dont get hungry,ever.I have no appetite at all,I lost it a long time ago.I dont know why,and I curious to know if any one else out there with this IC condition has had the same type of thing happen to them? why am I gaining weight rapidly when I barely eat anything? a week and a half ago i weighed 104,now I weigh 112.any comments or advice are welcome.thanks.esor15
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Sorry it took me so long to answer this.  Sadly, going through a lot perosnally and this  site never updates me of daily activity.  If you post and don't get an answer please send me a pm.

I personally have gained 30+ lbs since my IC diagnosis.  Though I don't think IC itself caused it... there are contributing factors.  First exercises and diet are huge IC flared triggers for me so less activity and since soda, tea, citurs and tomatoes are off the list- we are left eating more fatty foods like white sauses vs. tomatoe etc. This even though at homes I chose lowfat cheeses and milk is still a great deal of added calories   Secondly many meds used to treat IC like Elavil and Lyrica can also cause weight gain for me enoigh I had to go off,

Anyway, hope that helps some...,

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I have gained about 20 lbs since IC diagnosis, probably because I came down with chronic migraines at the same time and a lot of my meds can cause weight gain. But what I wanted to ask was how are your hormone levels- I had these checked due to other symptoms and I had no testosterone in my body (female, 32 at the time) and Leo progesterone. I can remember my urologist commenting that low hormone levels was not uncommon in IC. I lost 12 lbs the first month I took progesterone& testosterone. Hope this could help.

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