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Bladder pain

Hi, im looking for help of what i should do.
For the past 3 year i have had pain in my bladder when it fills only of a night time, but it was barible. I am now 6 weeks pregnant and the pain is overwhelming! I wake 5-6 times a night to empty my bladder just for nothing but a few drops to come out. I dont have the urge to urinate, only really bad stomach pains. I have been cleared of any UTI or sexual deseases. My doctor has sent me for internal and external ultra sounds and xray but nothing is found. She then continues to tell me there is nothing wrong. I and in extreme pain all night morning and day. It used to ease off when i got up in the morning but now it is constant. All my research online comes up woth IC symptoms. How do i sugest to my doctor i would like to get tested or is there any other sugestions of what could be wrong with me
Thank you for reading !!!!
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It sounds like something is putting pressure on your bladder.  Have you been to a urologist?  With IC, one typically goes to the bathroom multiple times/day, not just at night.  

You can try changing your diet to see if there are foods that cause the pain, as often happens with IC.  There's a special IC diet you can try... you can find it here?


The first column are bladder friendly foods, the second column are foods you can try, that may or may not trigger a flare and the third column are foods to stay away from...

You might want to try going to a uro/gynocologist, which is a doctor that specializes in, both, urology and gynocological issues.  If your doctor won't try to help find a cause for your pain, I'd definitely look for a different doctor...
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