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Constant urge to urinate but all tests negative

Hi all,

I am desperate for help. For the last 3-4months, I had what seemed to be a a balanitis which led to shooting pains in my urethra and a couple of swollen areas  near my pubic area. After a month/6weeks of attempting creams (fuscidic acid, clotrimazole with and without hydrocortisone) with no success I took a 10 days course of coamoxiclav which got rid of 1 swelling and a 2 week course of ciproxfloxacin which got rid of the other swelling. However a few days after finishing the cipro I got a constant urge to urinate that has not subsided in 5 weeks. My urethral opening is also a little bit swollen like lips and my penis feels a bit 'hard' sometimes when its flaccid, and erections are 30% bigger or so. I noticed when I had the swelling, I found it very difficult to tighten my pelvic floor (as if trying to clench to not pee)

I have had 5 urine cultures sent away all came back negative. I had 3 swabs taken of the urethra opening - only 1 detected any bacteria which is why they gave me the 2nd course of antibiotics. I have since had a circumcision and a cystoscopy by a urologist who told me there is nothing abnormal in the urinary tract or bladder. The urge to urinate predates the circumcision but not the balanitis symptoms, so it was not caused by the operation and I've had urine cultures since the operation for UTI - negative.

He has given me medication for Overactive bladder which I have started (with no noticable change in 5 days, medication is called Toviaz) and says if this doesnt clear it we will have to do further testing such as urodynamics which sounds awful.

My bladder feels empty after peeing and an ultrasound proved I'm emptying to a normal degree, however my urethra tingles with the sensation of constantly having urine in it within 30seconds after voiding. Once I fall asleep, the urge does not wake me up. Diabetes/blood test also negative. My pelvic floor feels like it can't tighten to the extent it used to and almost feels like by default it is in the 'pushing' position but not pushing enough to force leakage, so I have been trying Kegal excercises to tighten it.

Can anyone suggest what else it might be? I have zero pain when urinating, just a constant urge/tingle in my urethra to keep going to the loo.

My thanks for any help
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Hi... sorry I missed this.  If you're still here, the Toviaz might take a while to start working.  You should have been on it for a few weeks by now, so if it's going to work, it should by now.  It didn't work for me.  There are others to try if that doesn't work.

The urodynamic testing isn't as bad as it sounds, though it does pretty much strip one of dignity.  It can tell us a lot about what's going on, though, so is worth having it done.
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