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Daily Urinary Freq/Urgency, Burning, and now Bleeding! Help!!!!!!

Wow, where do I even start? I'll try not to make this into a novel. I was diagnosed with IC when I was 19, in 2002. At that time I was having vaginal burning (inside) that would last anywhere from one hour to a few days at a time, but would go away for long periods - months. Then it went away completely for about 4 years....

Fast forward to January of 2007. Six months after having my son (first/only pregnancy), the pain came back a THOUSAND times WORSE. Except this time, it was a severe burning in my BLADDER, not in the birth canal. Severe burning, frequency, and urgency. Feeling of not emptying completely (had tests proved I was emptying completely). Bloating. The pain was a lot worse than the previous burning I had before. And not only that, but this time it would last for a month or two straight, and only let up for a month or so at a time. I've had every test done you can imagine, including std's and the like. Ultrasounds, PFD test, Retention, Prolapse, Kidney stones, etc.. etc.. Also had hydro distention done twice, both times which nothing abnormal was found, bladder looks healthy and holds MORE than average. Since then, it has progressed more and more as time goes on. At this point, I am in severely debilitating pain everyday. I only have 2-4 days out of the month when I feel ok. It;s constant. Never ending. I always feel like I have to urinate. Before urinating, after urinating, all the time. I always have that "twinge" as I call it, in my bladder that feels like it's still in there, and it's SO uncomfortable too. Its not just like a few drops are left and I can barely feel it. Depending on the severity of the frequency and urgency on a given day after I void sometimes I feel like I didn't go at ALL, sometimes like I went a little but not much, sometimes like it's mostly gone but still a bit left, etc.. Usually the worst option though. And when I press lightly on the suprapubic (sp?) area I can feel the intensity of the urgency rise. Sometimes I ca barely make it to the toilet without some getting out. Along with the urgency/frequency there is the burning. Mostly the burning of the actual severe urgency feeling. Other symptoms are bloating, full feeling in belly, heartburn a lot (though this could be from my meds), a lot of the time my urine will have a bad smell to it, or be dark yellow when I drank a lot of water so doesn't make sense. Also slow urine stream sometimes. Pain is worse when I walk and alleviates a bit when I sit or lay down. Like I said, the pain is everyday. A few days a month where I'm alright. This has ruined my life. Period. And the most important part of this is the fact that now I have gotten a new symptom. I have my period normally, regular, never missed. Very mild cramping, normal flow, normal 5 days. Well, for the past three months, I have had sex about six times, and every single time (literally), I will BLEED two days later. Not the same day. Not the day after. But always two days later. Not only will I bleed, but I will have the most GOD AWFUL indescribable burning you could ever imagine. The burning is constant. HORRIBLE. Can't sleep. Can't even MOVE. And it is always THROBBING. Actual throbbing. I can feel it. In my bladder or somewhere close to it. The throbbing intensifies as does the burning right at the end when I urinate. It's so bad I drop to the floor before I'm even completely done, and sit on a towel and just bawl my eyes out all day and night. This feeling and the bleeding ONLY happens after having sex, and only the TWO days AFTER, like I said. The bleeding itself is not my period, because each time it happened I had already had my period for the month on the normal period date (I'm pretty regular). However, it mimics the flow, color, and length of time of my regular period. No pain related to period like cramping or anything. This excruciating burning and bleeding lasts usually for 3-4 days and then subsides and goes back to my "normal" pain until I have sex and it happens all over again. I've obviously stopped having sex now that I know it's definitely from that. I've been with the SAME guy for ten years so it can't be him. He doesn't cheat. And yes I know for sure. Also I've been tested for std's several times and all negative. I have been seeing a urologist for this since it started in 2002 with my IC diagnosis. But now with this new issue with the bleeding, it has changed to a gynecological problem. I haven't been to the gynocologist in a couple years, and stopped seeing the one I used to see because he is a jerk and makes me uncomfortable, so I have an appt now with a new guy that my urologist knows so they can compare notes or whatever. So, with ALL that said....is there ANYONE out there who knows what this COULD be? Guesses? Similar stories? Words of wisdom? Lol. I'm desperate!
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