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Excessive Urine problem

When i was 18 i started masturbation and gradually the frequency of masturbation increased. When i was 27 the excessive urine problem occured and lower back pain too. I developed having to pee in between masturbation everytime i masturbated. The situation worsened that now whenever i would drink water or any other drink i had to rush to the bathroom after few minutes as urine would feel so much that if i will not urinate i started feeling the pain and burning and irritation around the pubic area and around hips. After pee i will feel relief. The frequency of urine increased and i had to pee 15-20 times a day  I consulted a urologist and he said u have stress and depression issue and he got all the tests done which were all clear and then he prescribed me prothiaden and tofranil for some weeks and asked me to avoid masturbation for some time after few weeks i started feeling better. Then i git married when i was 30 and after the marriage i got much better and everything got better. but excessive urine problem continued until now (because i could not quit masturbation even after i git married till now) and during gaps i was prescribed clonazepam after every 3-4 months gap. I m 50 now and since last 3 years i am continously taking clonazepam (due to some un expected financial issues i went into depression and i developed high anxiety level.Since last 5-6 years i have hypertension for which i am taking zestril 5 mg one daily and in a recent test my triglyceride test to danger level and i was prescribed fenofibrate once a day for two months. Now sex drive has been dried and all the same urine problems have occured once again pls advise
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