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Frequent urination due to over masturbation?

I am a 24yrs old male and  have been masturbating on avg 4 times since last 7-8 years .I started having frequent urination problem since last November.I would urinate anywhere from 10-15 times a day and this would get worse when i would try to sleep . I would urinate with decent amount of urine a  decent flow and before sleeping but i would still feel the need to urinate and would do 5-6 trips to the restroom. After falling asleep , i would get up 2-3 times to pee. I also felt everytime after masturbation , frequency will get even worse with some burning .
I reduced the frequency to avg once a day. I consulted my family practitioner in December  and i was prescribed ciprofloxacin twice a day for 10 days.She also did various STD tests , diabetes and urine test all of which came out -ve along with kidney ultrasound being normal as well .After 10 days , i felt significant improvement but not 100% . As such , i was prescribed levofloxacin for 5 days but levofloxacin seemed to aggravate the problem and i discontinued it after taking it for 2 days. I seemed to do ok for the next 2 months and kept the masturbation frequency to 4-5 times a week .However , the problem did start to creep in again as i think my prostate got irritated again even with reduced masturbation frequency.I consulted  a urologist and he did the digital rectal test and said my prostate seemed ok in size. i was prescribed cirpo again twice a day this time for 3 weeks . My problem again subsided by about 80-85% . However , if i masturbated  2-3 times in a day or masturbated once a day on consecutive days , i would again feel increased frequency and some burning. I told the uro about this correlation of my problems with masturbation but he said there should be no correlation and suggested i go for cystoscopy. I agreed to his suggestion and had cysto done after a few days.  Cystoscopy reveled everything normal other than a moderate stricture far back into the bulb for which the doctor performed dilation. I was prescribed levofloxacin for six days after cycsto. During those six days i suffered with even greater frequency and urgency and urine flow being normal every time i would pee. After stopping levofloacin, i felt my symptoms getting better but again my problem still did not subside 100% . I  kept my frequency of masturbation
3-4 times week and within 3 weeks of cysto , i again started to have frequent urination problem however this time with urine flow usually being normal every time i would pee . I was in the US till now but returned to my home country after 2 wees of having cysto and as such could not consult the same doctor.

I saw a urologist in home country and was prescribed Tamsulosin Hydrochloride  and gatifloxacin for 10 days after the doctor looked  at the report from urine culture and sensitivity test . Gatifloxacin did not help and as such doctor prescribed levofloxacin for another 10 days .None of the two antibiotics and Tamsulosin Hydrochloride did not show any signs of relief . I saw another uro after that and he prescribed moxifloxacin hydrochloride based on that urine culture test along with  tolterodine tartrate for 7 days. I have been taking em for 3 days now and do not see any relief .

I am really worried as my symptoms have only gotten worse after cystoscopy . Should i be worried that doctor did not perform cystoscopy properly and damaged my uretha or bladder? Or have i damaged my prostate with over masturbation. If yes , is there anyway to restore prostate in healthy condition ?
Also , should i try taking cipro again for 10-15 days as it took care of the symptoms at least by 80% on both occasions before cystocopy.

Please suggest what i should do and what the problem might be.

Thank you
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awww...glad you find me kind! ;)  This article is from my endometriosis group...but chronic pain is chronic pain so I am sharing it so you can understand what it can do to us and maybe share with your urologist and if the Dr. isn't receptive to learn from you...find a new Dr. I don't think the masturbation is the "cause" per say but it might be triggering it...as well as about a million other things...


Any way...yes I have had to jump through many hoops through the years...just make sure you are comfortable with the hoops they make you jump..You will find your answers because you keep seeking! I understand how hard and frustrating  this is and the desire to give up...but don't! YOU are worth fighting for your wellness! Keep going!

Let me know how your tests turn out!
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Yes guys i have found cure for this 100% cure and 100% natural
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what is the cure ????
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Hey  purr and all,
So I did my urodynamic study, not a fun experience.  It was pretty painful and obviously very invasive tubes sent into both holes.  The one in the butt was nothing compared to the one in the penis.  So anyways, the Dr said I have a very weak bladder, I'm guessing that is OAB?  Since I haven't responded well to all the initial treatments he is sending me for ptns.  Its a stimulation of a nerve in the ankle for Half an hour, once a week, for 12 weeks.  I start that Dec 1.  On a good side of things, I'm learning to manage the constant urge better.  Its just a mind over matter type thing.
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Dont go for such stupid things............I have complete cure to it.................
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omg I'm so glad that i've come across this thread. i"m happy that i'm not alone with what i'm going through
Hi, I'm 27 yrs old. Recently i started having problems like frequent urination and severe urgency. I went to  a doctor and i've undergone some tests and after that doc concluded that i have prostate infection. He prescribed me antibiotics i've used them for a period of 5 months. For the first 2 months i found relief when taken them, as time progressed they aren't working anymore ie.. the symptoms come and go away.I've stopped taking the medication and now i'm having good days and bad days.Good days--no urine urgency or frequency, bad days--frequency and urgency.I think my problem is due to over masturbation.I used to masturbate at least twice a day and did that for more than 12 to 15 years. Now i stopped masturbating or at least trying to i mean i only did it 4 times this weak. I'm thing i might have damaged the nerves. Now some days i feel like the urine is gonna come.the whole day it feels like its gonna burst out any time its only a matter of time. Now i'm thinking of going to homeopathy doctor an experienced guy who i used to go to if i had any issues regarding health. He's an experienced doctor and used to give me right medication back in those days and he's a well known guy in our hometown. The only problem is he was too old like in his 80's. I'm just not sure if he's still alive, i hope he is.
Wish me luck......
Will let you guys know my progress
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how are u know...are u cured....I had the same problem and am 100 % cure...Just follow the following tips:

Today I am letting you all know all the properties by which you might get totally cured i.e (100 %).

Step - 1.
Limit the intake of fluids .It should be within 800 ml to 1 litres in total (inclusive of all water,tea coffee etc.) If u have more than that u would never get cured. .Even u are thirsty then also do not drink. Dont masturbate or engage in sexual activity for atleast 2 months.Avoid all sexual thoughts for atleast 2 weeks.After 2 weeks the constant urge to urinate would almost go away.In 2 months u will be completely normal.

Practice some breathing exercises such as Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika and Brahmri pranayama ..........you can get all this training from online....But if you are doing it ,try doing it properly.If u are facing any difficulty seek the help of a Yoga trainer.Remember to do Pranayam on empty stomach or atleast 4-5 hours after meals .You can also do morning walk in the fresh air.

Step - 3
Do not pick up any heavy objects for atleast 2 months as it can create pressure in your bladder

Step - 4
Once u are cured after 2 months prefer to go to a AYURVEDIC doctor.He may prescribe u SHILAJIT TABLETS and KOHINOOR GOLD for atleast 2 months and also u must take a lot of water intake with them which is not possible at your present stage. Start them once u are cured.I promise !!!!u would regain your original self.Your sexual stamina would increase and u would readily forget that this disease had really occured in your life.

DONT EVER GO TO THOSE F.........G!!!!!! UROLOGIST WHO KNOWS NOTHING OF THIS PATHOLOGY.They would constantly prescribe u antibiotics which would ruin your health and make u feel like hell....DONT GO TO THESE BASTARDS!!!!!

You are free to have a completely normal diet.You can even take tea and coffee but with lesser quantity ..maybe once a day..................
Try to include 100gms probiotic curd everyday in your meal.Remeber it should be probiotic because as u are taking less water therefore probiotic things prevents u from any such UTI infections.




IF ANYBODY GETS CURED THROUGH MY THREAD DO REMEMBER TO WRITE TO ME AT  akashsinha.***@****, and give your positive remarks.THANKS...................

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hello guys i am 26 year old male and did get this problem. now its resolved..i have used livoflaxacin for 10 days and it did decrease my consisitancy to urinate to 3 to 4 time a days. the constant itchness to urinate is due to one body temperature too low having cold feet and feel coldinside as u feel your muscles are weaken and u feel dizziness and low metabolism on the way.. i have used blackseed as 10 pieces in the morning and in the evening with almond, walnuts and green tea. it did a lot a work and warms my body and heals my muscles and metabolism. also drink warm milk with turmeric(real) with garlic and boil these in milk. try this for two days.. i am u will feel better as a whole. regards
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hey i have a problem when i go for urine i do frequent urine and and my urine flow is weak and some times i cant feel urine but when i masturbate then this problem is start after 2 or 3 weeks then it is ok but not 100% so i go to doctor and he take a urine test and he do a ultrasound and my ultrasound and urine tests are clear so doctor what you suggest me what i do which tests i say doctor to take me
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Hate it
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