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I don't think it's interstitial cystitis

Last spring I began having symptoms of a uti.  I went to the doctor twice and got antibiotics.  Never checked up after finishing then, just assumed they worked.  Symptoms just kept getting worse, until that summer, one day, I was unable to pee.  I went to the bathroom and kept trying, I had to go badly, but I couldn't pee.  I went to the ER, where they cathed me and told me my urethra was swollen from sex.  They also said I had a slight uti and sent me away with again, the same antibiotic and something for swelling.  That night, I once again, couldn't pee, so I went back to a different ER.  They told me the same thing the previous ER told me, but they sent me to a Urologist.  So I went to the Urologist (after having gone through ANOTHER prescription of antibiotics) and the urologist, after a series of questions, concluded that I have interstitial cystitis and a "slight" uti (still).  They sent me away with Elmiron, same antibiotic that I'd taken a million times already, Uribel, and IC information.  The Uribel helped, as did baking soda and water, but none of the "trigger" foods seem to make any difference aside from soda and coffee.  All the Elmiron did was make my hair fall out.  All year, I've been going back to doctors feeling like it's a uti, even though they said it's ic, because it just feels like something is going on down there.  It doesn't feel like I'm just uncomfortable, or in pain, it feels like there is something happening and I'm just ignoring it and treating symptoms.  Every time I see a doctor, they say I have a uti and give me that same antibiotic.  Finally, I talked to my dad about it, and he told me that he had a history of getting utis and that antibiotics never worked for him, only sulfa drugs worked.  I went back to the urologist (shortly after ANOTHER round of antibiotics for a suspected uti from my gp) and I told him I felt like I had a uti.  He seemed VERY irritated that I questioned his diagnosis and responded with "you HAVE interstitial cystitis.  you probably never had a uti".  I don't have flares, btw, I just feel like garbage ALL the time.  Anyway, I convinced him to at least check for a uti, although he defiantly prescribed me MORE Elmiron, which I told him didn't work.  He said they'd check for a uti, although I "probably don't" have one, and they'll call me only if I do have one.  Well I'd been feeling TERRIBLE lately and didn't want to wait for them to think about it, so I went back to my gp and begged to try sulfa drugs.  They refused, but prescribed a different antibiotic than the one I always used.  I don't feel 100%, but I do feel a lot better than I did before taking it.  Why would this make me feel better if it's IC?  Today, the urologist FINALLY called back saying I DO have a uti (just like gp already said I did) and that they were prescribing antibiotics.  Now I told my gp, this time I want to check right after and see if the uti is gone, and if it's not, I'm begging to try sulfa.  What do you make of this?  I really don't trust my urologist since he didn't rule out ANYTHING before diagnosing me and I've had a uti EVERY single time I've checked in the past year.  I read that some people do not respond to antibiotics.  It annoys me that my doctor doesn't want to take into consideration the intuition I'm getting about my own body.  
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