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IC or Ureaplasma, undiagnosed for 2 years?

for 2 years I have had frequent uti's and constant burning which goes up and down the pain scale frequently I have urgency unless I lay down or lay on my side. My urologist doesnt think it is IC and he did a scope of my bladder and it was fine. Just this week I have been reading about ureaplasma, is there a chance this could be my problem or would it be something they already tested for routinely if they cultured my urine?
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You might have been reading my posts. I cannot answer if Ureaplasma is the cause of your issues.  What I can tell you is that the typical culture they perform does NOT pick it up.  

You'd either need a different type of culture specifically to look for it, or a PCR test.  I discovered what it was from a PCR test.

Good luck.
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