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Kidney Infection or Kidney Stones?


Recently I went to my local ER with bad pains in my lower back and around my ribs. I told them my family has extensive histories of bladder/kidney issues (my aunt died as a child due to kidney failure, for example). After they did a simple urinalysis, I was given some antibiotics and sent on my way.

Now, 3 days later, I find my symptoms are not even beginning to improve. I'm having to strain when I urinate, and throughout the entire time, but I feel like I'm not emptying my bladder. The pain in my back has gotten so bad that I halfway limp when I walk. I feel very weak, my appetite has gone to nearly zero, and my temperature has steadily been going up throughout the evening. I'm not sure what to do, please advise...
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You need to be seen by a doctor ASAP!! The antibiotics don't sound like they are working if things aren't getting better. You could have an obstruction or an infection in the kidney. I was quite close to dying from kidney failure when I was given the wrong antibiotics to take. This is nothing to mess around with. Please go to the ER, see a urologist, GP or urgent care.
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I had something similar a few years ago.  I felt very sluggish and miserable.  Then my temperature started elevating and I took Cipro.  Everything would improve, but time I quit taking cipro, my temperature would elevate to around 101º.  When I went to my urologist, he found a stone lodged in my ureter blocking flow into my bladder.  I had lithotripsy the next morning which remedied the problem.

Good luck.
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