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Kidney stones/UTI/tight urethra?? At a loss??

I'm a 27 year female that is suffering from a number of symptoms regarding urinating. I have suffered at least 10 UTI's in the last year and a half (a year and half ago was when i had my first UTI).

It has recently came to a head back in April of this year to which i started to suffer the usual symptoms but then progressively got worse over the course of five weeks and 3 visits to the doctors i was given 3 types of antibiotics ending on cyprofloxicen. I had blood tests and urine was sent off for sampling which only showed slight signs of infection but i had severe pain in my left side, back and lower abdomen. I visited the doctors 4 days after the start of the cyprofloxicen, as i thought it was not agreeing with me as i felt extremely unwell, the doctor sent me straight to hospital as she suspected a kidney infection. Upon arrival i was examined and given an ultrasound to check for stones but all was fine and was wasd given antibiotics via IV and was sent home the same day and told to come back in 2 days if syptoms were no better.  This i did as my syptoms were no better however no worse. They took more blood but said no signs of infection no more and the pains in my pain were probably due to pulled muscles! After 2 weeks i started to feel better as the infection seemed to have wiped me of all energy.

I started to feel the syptoms return about 6 weeks ago so went straight to the doctors and was given the cyprofloxicen and codiene and was to assume a kidney infection had returned and told to go back with 24 hours of taken the antibiotics if i felt no better. The next day i vomited half an hour after taken the tablets and was feeling extremely poorly and the doctors (very reluctantly) sent me straight to hospital.

Here they tested blood and urine and said no infection could be found but could be kidney stones and would send me for ultra sound to check. They put me on fluids and a drip of paracetamol over night. the next morning i woke up to very swollen hands and face but was told it wasn't bad enough to consider a concern and was forgotten about. I had ultrasound scan to which all was clear but only thing noted was that my bladder seems extremely full for what i had had to drink and was the fullest the ultra sound technician had ever seen. They also used a small hand held scanner to check if my bladder was emptying properly which they said was fine but i was not convinced as the nurse couldn't get the machine to work at first.  The pain was so bad at times i was given several shots of morphine which seemed to be the only thing that resolved the pain. The pain i am experiencing is in my left side, back just under my ribs and lower abdomen.

I was released from hospital a few days later with no clue as to what was wrong but was refered to see a urologist. I have since seen the urologist who thinks i possibly have a tight urethra and i am scheduled to have a cytoscopy under general aneasthetic.

I am concerned that i have this procedure to discover this isn't the case as i have not been to work for 6 weeks and the doctor keeps telling me i am unfit for work i cannot afford to take any more time off.

I am experiencing extreme pain after every time i urinate and if i sleep for long periods it is extremely bad after the first urination of waking. i now am having trouble sleeping as i think this could be subconcious telling me it will be hell if i sleep for too long with now the added sweating and itchy skin its hard to sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time. Every so often (as in every couple of weeks) i have a spell of a couple of days where i have the burning and stinging sensation as what you get with a UTI. I don't have the greatest appetite as i am going through phases of nausia.  The doctors advised me to take tramadol with 2 paracetamols for the pain and this in turn has caused constipation so for some time now my stools have been like small pellets that are very dark and extremely smelIy and i have also had two episodes of dark brown discharge that smells quite unpleasant.

I am quite stressed out with all of this as it feels my employers don't believe a word i am saying and have requested my medical notes. My husband have been supportive but to a degree as now money is an issue with not getting paid any more sick pay. I feel utterly at a loss and looking for any sort of help, suggestions, or advice??

p.s sorry for the lengthly explaination but needed to get every thing out.
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Hi there!

I understand our situation. Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to comment specifically on the situation. With infections being an unlikely possibility, other possible causes such as inflammations, erosions, growths/ masses, neuro-muscular issues etc would need to be looked at. I would suggest discussing the situation and the possibilities in detail with your treating urologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Just curious, how did you make out with your cystoscopy?  Any mention of interstitial cystiits?  If not, you may want to look it up on the net, sounds classic to me, but I'm not a doctor.  Hope they didn't find anything seriously wrong...
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