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MRI accuracy

I have a question regarding the accuracy of MRI results versus Ultrasound when it comes to kidneys. I have a bit of a situation and am wondering if I should obtain a second opinion. I experienced kidney pain at the beginning of December and went to the doctor for some antibiotics (I have a history of UTI's which go quickly to kidney infections and had been advised many years ago to take care of UTI's quickly). I have been doing much better over the last several years but lately have been struggling with some kidney pain so I assumed I had another one. While at the docs for the UTI I mentioned a blood test conducted by my podiatrist that indicated high liver levels that I should probably have checked. Doc checked them and they were, again, high so she did more blood work and sent me for an ultrasound. While doing the ultrasound (for the liver) it was discovered that I had a 3.4cm mass on my right kidney. Doc then sent me for an MRI and referred me to a urologist. The MRI came back with cortical scarring on both kidneys but no mass. Urologist says all looks good and nothing to worry about (urologist did not obtain any history information and was sending me on my way until I mentioned work up by a urologist six years ago). She then proceeded to tell me that my urologist from six years ago gave me an inaccurate diagnosis (he diagnosed me with kidney reflux) because that is something only children are diagnosed with, not adults, but that she would send me for a CT scan just to check the functioning of my kidneys (the diagnosis code on the CT says abdominal pain which is not what I'm feeling at all). At this point I don't know what is going on, only that the kidney pain I was feeling a month ago has increased and I apparently don't have a kidney infection. Not sure if I should return to this doc and say "hey, regardless if it's a mass or not, I'm still in pain" or if I should just return to my doc to tell her or if I should seek a second opinion. BTW the topic on this says Interstitial Cyst which I didn't put there but it won't let me erase - the ultrasound indicated a solid mass not a cyst.
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If you're still checking for a response, I just want to let you know that this is the Interstitial Cystitis (IC) Community.  IC is an inflammation in the lining of the bladder and doesn't deal with the kidneys.

MedHelp has a Kidney Disease and Disorders Community, which you can access via the following link:  


To make it easier, you can just copy/past your post into that forum...

For what it's worth, I'd probably go back to my primary care physician and ask for a referral to a different urologist for a second opinion and be sure to take any previous test/imaging results with you, so they can see for themselves what your prior diagnosis was, rather than having to take your word for it, since, crazy as it is, many doctors don't like we, patients to tell them what we have...
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