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Options for Males with Urinary Blockage due to IC and/or Enlarged Prostate

I have Intersititial Cystitis (IC) and an enlarged prostate.  My urinary flow is very slow.  Could the slowness be the result of my IC or could it be my enlarged prostate?  I am concerned because I do not want a TURP performed on my prostate.  From what I understand the TURP procedure involves removing a portion of the prostate and bladder to open up the urinary track.  If I already have IC in my bladder lining the TURP operation would possibly give me additional pain.  Is there a less invasive procedure that can be used that will not remove a portion of the bladder to open up the urinary track?  A safer procedure that would only affect the prostate and not the bladder but would open the urinary track?  Is there such a thing?

Is there a way of opening up the urinary track without having to have surgery?  Is there any such thing?  I do not want to make my pain worse if possible.  If there was a way of shrinking the prostate without surgery that would be a miracle.  I have used Avodart and Flomax for 5 years now and Avodart does not appear to be working but then maybe my urinary flow is slow because of the IC instead of my prostate.  My internal sphinster may not be relaxing like it is suppose to because of my nerves opening the sphinsters.  

The pain get so bad that I wished that I could have both bladder and prostate removed.  If I had only my prostate removed that would remove anymore problems with my prostate in the future.  A life time of pain in the prostate would be removed.  Enlarged prostate go back 3 generations on my father's side.  I have one brother that has prostate cancer.

If my IC bladder was removed then I would not have pain due to IC.   But, I have read that some people with IC that have had their bladder removed still have the pain of IC after their bladders have been removed.  Something about a nerve brain connection that will not turn off.  Is there any truth in that?

If you have any good ideas or thoughts that might give me better understanding I would appreciate a response.  I am going to a urologist next week and am not sure how the appointment will go.  I have long history of urinary problems due IC and my enlarged prostate may also be part of the problem.

Thanks for taking your time to give me some input into my situation.

Thank You,

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