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Pain in right side of stomach under ribs

I have been experiencing abdominal pain on the right side about 3 inches under my ribs.  The pain radiates in my back and upwards towards my shoulders, but not in the shoulder area.  I occasionally get a twinge of pain in the left side of my abdomen also, but not nearly as often as the right.  When this began nearly two months ago, I thought it was a kidney stone because I have medullary sponge kidneys and have had lots of kidney stones.  I saw my urologist, and he did an xray, and saw a stone on my left side but not the right.  He said that he can't tell me for sure that it's not a kidney stone.  But With the pain that I'm experiencing in my stomach, I feel like it's not a kidney stone at all.  I have experienced some symptoms that would make me think it's a kidney stone, I've felt the cutting feeling inside like when a stone is actually getting ready to pass.  But I haven't seen any stones whatsoever.  I have also been experiencing a lot of headaches, which I normally don't get.  And I've also had a lot of dizzy spells, sometimes one a day, sometimes 4 a day.  It's like when you get up too fast and you feel like you're going to black out and you get off balance for a moment.  Most of the time when it happens I am either getting up or sitting down.  But I have had the dizzy spells when I was simply standing.  I don't know if these are related or not.  But I felt like I should give you all of the symptoms.
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hello just read ur post and sorry to hear what your going through it's horriable knowing that something is wrong but dr doesn't find it it's good to look at other options. but i really don't think it could be "ic" and please be thankful if its not "ic" i have "ic" and endometriouses there called the evil twins if you have both of them but 'ic" would prob be wrose endo yea its bad comes with hysterectomy's surgreys and some people not ever having children and the pain when u get to stage 3-4 is i can't even explain i know for me i can only explain it by saing it's suicide pain didn't know i had "ic" till 08 though cuz symptoms are quite the same had a small surgrey done and they found it i knew it had to be more then just endo but "ic" i beleave is more horrible alot of cases young teens and adults have to have there bladder taken out and "ic" is to be a very strick diet they wannt to put a stem plant in me for pain to shock bladder when i have a flar but i dont know about doin that yet..with you feeling the sharp pain like a stone wants to come out i never had that but with "ic" i get sharp pains and alot of preasure that feels like somethan is gonna come out aswell but thats all that really relates to "ic" but it's good to check up on differnt things i do hope you find out whats wrong because something is deff wrong the pain and dizziness you should get 2nd opinion or talk to a family dr who can send you for a mri i hope this eased your mind a little with having "ic" but you can still always talkto dr about it. wish u well
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Thank you so much, I'm new to this site,,,,,and I think I posted it wrong.  
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