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I have been suffering with severe bladder problems for the past two years and every time I go to the doctor they just tell me that it is not an infection. I have send urine samples away and it always comes back with only blood in the urine. It is costing me a fortune every time.
My mother, sister and two nephews have also been struggling with their bladders. My nephews are only 6 and 10 years old, they should have bladder problems at their age right?
My dad has been feeling extremely tired all the time and he has always been very energetic.  Why are all of us for the past two years struggling with our health so much?
I believe it is parasites and I have done so much research into it and am almost convinced.
The problem is that all the blood, urine and stool tests that we have had done comes back negative.
What to do ???  Please!  I can’t live like this anymore!  I want my health back.
Please is there someone that can help me with this?
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