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Post lithotripsy for kidney stone

I had lithotripsy 2 months ago and have had severe
Problems every since   Post lithotripsy I had pyelonephritis   Which was treated with 2rounds of antibiotics then started with cystitis which I have to this day  I have had a CT and US which all say everything is fine but I continue to get really bad cramps of my left ureter then I pee straight bloody urine or bloody mucus shreds   Drs put me on a trail of toviaz which does nothing   It seems to be worse after I try to get back to my exercise routine which has been hard due to the fact that I was truly debilitated after 2 extremely painful stents severe nausea and feeling septic from the pyelonephritis   It has been 2 months and I continue with these symptom  it feels like something was left right where the ureter empties into the bladder but nothing shows up on the tests  any clues on what is wrong or how I should proceed?  By the way my urologist whom I did like signed of and sent me to GI to rule out diverticulitis which was ruled out  my PCP seemed a little alarmed at the color of my urine  that day it was light red  put me on clonazepam cuz I told him I was getting scared and wanted things to calm down  My prescribed lemon jc in water seems to upset it too but cranberry jc helps and as always I make sure I drink 2 liters of straight water every day  
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A complete medical evaluation is extremely necessary for determining the correct cause of your symptoms. The normal conditions giving rise to cloudy urine are presence of crystals, mucus, or vaginal discharge. Abnormal causes of turbidity include the presence of blood cells, yeast, pus and bacteria. Red colored urine can be due to urinary tract infection or kidney stones. Any undiagnosed kidney disease or rarely kidney tumor can also cause red urine. It is possible that the doctor had missed out some finding. A complete medical history and clinical correlation of test results will be extremely helpful. I sincerely hope it helps.
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