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Treatment tips for IC...?

I have Cystitis that I'm told by the doctor is associated with the BCG treatments I took for bladder cancer..He said it would "go away" but here I am 3 months later homebound..Currently taking Benedryl (which actually helps a little), Baking soda (1 tsp in water) twice a day, and I just ordered the IC Aloe Vera capsules..I also have some Oxycodone the Doctor prescribed (but that won't last long)...regardless of what I'm doing the urgency + stinging on urination continues, along with the sporadic vice like spasms from time to time...continue. I forgot to mention I drink about a gallon of water a day..all in all it seems hopeless, I can't continue living with the heating pad either....Is there just something I'm missing?
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Have you tried marshmallow tea?  That does wonders for me... A cup or two/day.

Diet also helps.  There's an IC diet.  I can link it if you aren't familiar with it.
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What's that
I'm not sure whether you're questioning the marshmallow tea or the IC diet.

Marshmallow tea is a tea that you can brew from the roots of marshmallow root.  I purchase mine from Amazon.  Brew the tea, then if you want to sweeten it, use a a couple drops of honey vs sugar since sugar is often a cause of IC flare.  

The IC Diet is a special diet that consists of foods that are least likely to cause an IC flare.   It shows the foods most friendly to those of us with IC and which are most likely to cause a flare.

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