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bladder problem

hi ya i just woundered if anyone could help me as iv got a bruning sensations and it feels like something is pushing down aswell when i go for a wee iv been like it for iver a week now have been to the doctors and they have said their is nothin wrogn but i dont think they r right its also a bit swollen down there aswell and is really painful would liek some advice plz many thanks jade
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I'm not a doctor but it's sounds to me like you might have ic.It's a painful bladder disorder with alot of burning and peeing.If i were you i would talk to you doctor about looking inside your bladder because this is the only way they can tell if you have ic or not.Has he done this? Hope this helps you feel better.
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hi ellie, thanks for your response. I have also thought it was IC but for some reason I have been to 3 urologists and none of them want to give me the cystoscopy.

I have celiac disease that was just discovered a few years ago and there are alot of people on the celiac forums with IC, painful bladder etc.

I am going to Columbia  urology in 2 weeks and I am hoping to get the scope and a urodynamics test. I hear the scope is not pleasant though. but I am tired of the pressure in my bladder and urge to go I feel miserable unless I take celebrex...
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I've been diagnosed for 3 years. 3 different uroligists have confermed this diagnosis. I've had the cystoscope 2 times and have no normal signs of ic. No inflamation no ulcers. I take tums when I have a flare. Anything alkaline is good. Also I see you have a kid. Get checked for a prolapse.
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Urodynamics and the cystoscope both are really unpleasant.
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