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can't figure out what's causing this

I'm a 24 yr old. I was diagnosed with IC when I was 18. I had ongoing utis everyday. I went had installs done by a uroglist they seemed to help. I haven't seen him in years I ate and drank anything I wanted and no flare at all. til about 14-15 weeks ago. I had sex with my bf so I think that might of caused the flare. I went to a new urologist he prescribes me elmiron 2 times a day. and stick to a diet. which I have. I also take prelief  elmiron isn't working fast enough so doctor gave me vesicare to try. I been taking it for 8-9 days now I was on rimission for about a week until today. I had the worst bladder fullness and presssure. everytime I go to the bathroom alot of urine comes out. all I been drinking is water and blueberry fruit drinks with no sugar or preservatives   I had sex 2 nights ago so idk if that's what's causing this pain or I had some salad dressing lastnight. I never found food or drinks really bother me tho. I'm just coming to the end of my rope. this is my longest flare yet 15 weeks! never in all these years. I do everything right to prevent any infections. like wipe front to back pee before and after sex. unscented bar soap and detergent etc.  I feel this is never going to go away. I'm on anxiety pills now I been missing alot of work I just need help. I go in on June 13th for urologist to check thr bladder. my bladder just feels swollen and really sore. irritated. anything you know that could help? or what's causing this. the doc even mentioned the seasons can cause this. but I doubt for all these weeks. thankyou !
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Hi there!

Well, interstitial cystitis is usually a chronic condition and its exact cause is not yet known though several theories and associations have been suggested. I would assume that other causes of your symptoms such as infections, inflammations, trauma etc have been ruled out.  The best mode of management of IC is avoiding know triggers such as alcohol, citrus fruits/ juices, cheese, chocolate, sweeteners, meat, tomatoes etc; and taking medications as prescribed by your urologist. Pelvic floor exercises are also beneficial in a few cases. If these measures do not seem to help, it is best advised to consult your urologist for alternative therapies.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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thankyou so much
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Staci..the elmiron aggravated my stomach....causing pain and cramps...tried instilling that...to no avail...I catheterize the instillations daily at home...it gives me some sort of life..use lidocaine...heparin...and sodium bicarb...I can do tjis 3 times a day... Ive been ordering my catheters from Liberator for some years now...my insurance covers it..it also helps when I spasm and cant empty...cuts you down to maybe evey 45 min instead of every 15 in a flare...hope this helps...Flares are common...no rhyme or reason...in my book..and I was diagnosed in 1992...still alive and kicking..still in pain..but still getting through everyday one day at a time..on those days you think you cant survive the pain...survive the next min the next hour..the night..and see if the next day you dont see some relief...you can get through this...bless you sweetheart...
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