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is conception possible with IC(interstitial Cystitis)?

my wife was recently diagnosed with IC, can we try having a baby?

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yes, the ic should not affect her ability to conceive! If she has endo which often comes with IC (it's often called endo's evil twin-I have both) then she would benefit in having endometriosis excision surgery with a specialist in order to conceive.
Good luck!
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now you have successfully created enough doubt to cause anxiety/frustration etc....damn it...can you tell me what should be done now to get this sorted out?
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what tests has your wife had? Has Endometriosis been mentioned? That one definitely will cause a woman issues in getting pregnant...how are her periods? pain and flow? She might just send her medical records to an endometriosis specialist because it usually takes over a decade for it to be diagnosed...so that would be a good starting point...
Sorry to have given you anxiety/frustration...take it a step at a time! You two will get there!
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Over the last four years I have successfully carried and delivered four healthy boys. I had NO issues with conception and No issues during pregnancy related to my ICS. However, the third trimester is difficult for any womans blatter. ICS does make it harder but nothing that doesnt go away after having your little bundle of joy. This is based on my personal experience. Every pregnancy is different for every woman. A good relationship with her Dr would be my best advice. I had a wonderful Dr who helped me with everything I encountered. Honestly, ICS was very seldom even mentioned. If she is taking Elmiron she will not be able to take it while pregnant.
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