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pain during sex

I am a 46 year old woman who just had a bladder sling operation (transobturator tape TOT) about 3 months ago. Now 2-3 inches in my vagina there is a spot that feels like a sharp protruding object to my husband. He describes it as sharpened pencil stabbing him with every thrust. The surgery didn't fix my incontinence problems at all it made everything worse. Feels like I constantly and urgently need to urinate. Since the surgery I have not been able to urinate without pain.  I can feel this object inside myself it feels like its just under the skin about to come out. Surgeon tells me that all women heal at their own rate.I experience pain everywhere in my vagina during sex. It feels like I do not empty my bladder when I urinate and have been taught to catheter myself. After surgery I ended up wearing a catheter for 15 days.Please I would really like some answers. Thank you.
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It doesn't sound like your problem is Interstitial Cystitis, which is an inflammation in the lining of the bladder.  However, it's possible that it is; you may have multiple issues, as many do.

It does sound like there's an issue with the mesh that was inserted, first and foremost.  

I'd recommend that you talk to your doctor.  The transobturaror tape is supposed to be pretty fast healing, so at 3 months, you shouldn't be having a lot of trouble.  I can't imagine what could poking your husband when you have sex.  There shouldn't be anything.  That really needs to be checked.

You may, also, have a vaginal infection that can cause the feeling that you constantly need to urinate, but you shouldn't have to be self cathing.  

If the doctor who inserted the tape can't/won't help you, I'd strongly recommend that you find another doctor... preferably a uro/gyn who can test/treat, both, urinary and gynecological issues.
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