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servere pain and burning

I saw the urologist last week and its always the same old story he says I have and infection. Some times I take the anti biotic and other times I dont take it, because the infection usually goes away by itself. The doctor wants me to continue to take the antibiotic for 12 to 18 months. This is ridicious to say the least.
I want to know  in terms of tests, which tests can I suggest that will help me get to the bottom of this once and for all? I am having severe burning and pain in both my testicles and penis. It hurts before I go to the bathroom and after I go to the bathroom.  
I tried taking cranberry extrack but it made the pain  and burning worse. Do you have any idea why this occured?
I have that herb calles uri urea. It says on the bottle that if you have kidney or digestive issues you shouldnt take it.
I have digestive issues and I was wondering whether or not should I take it?
if I do decide to take it what side effects may it cause and how should I take it? Also how long should I use it for?
What  other things should I be using and not be using in terms of supplements, herbs, amino acids and any drugs as a last resort I can suggest to the doctor.
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I don't know much about IC in men, other than it's possible.  The test the preform for women is called a cystoscopy, where they insert a tube into your bladder, fill it with sterile or medicated fluid, and take some pictures.  The doctors can tell from the pictures if you have IC or not since it's pretty distinctive to look at.  I'm assuming the procedure is the same for men.  And don't worry, you'll be sedated when this occurs and won't feel it.  

I do know that for IC, things like cranberry juice is not good for IC and will make it worse.  Also, there is a LONG list of other foods, etc, that causes problems for IC patients, including antibiotics, which may be why you have not seen improvement.  If the bottle of something says "Don't take this if..." and you fall into that category, don't take it without a doctors advice.  

I don't know much about burning in testicles or penis since I don't have those parts, but have you been checked for things like testicular cancer or any STD's?  Have they checked you for prostate issues?  Bottom line, if your doctor isn't coming up with anything new or helpful, find a new doctor.  Also, checkout www.ic-network.com.  They have a whole section dedicated to men with IC.
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If the doctor says you have an infection, then you don't have IC.  IC is pain and burning without infection.  Also, eat tums to alkalize your urine, and see if it helps you pain in the future.
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